Mother faces murder charges in the beating death of toddler

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(KTVI) - A St. Louis woman now faces murder charges in the beating death of her 23-month old daughter.

The Circuit Attorney's Office Upgraded charges against Shankia Evans from child endangerment to second degree murder. Prosecutors say Evans' husband, Deonte Evans, beat Jabria Phillips to death in February because he said she climbed on the counter and stole a piece of cake.

Read more from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Stepdad beat toddler for 'stealing' piece of cake, St. Louis police say


  • rose

    A child is beat to death over a peice of cake!!! Senseless and tragic for that child. Yet, there will be somebody defend and make excuses for this behavior.

  • Just Me

    Shankia and Deonte …….Who names their kids such silly names? Oh, wait I know……parents who can not read.
    Jabria didn’t stand a “Chance in Hell”.
    Good job Grand Parents in naming and raising such evil people.
    Give your kids a chance and give them a name an employer can pronounce.
    Now blame it on “Whitey” because it’s always “Whitey’s” fault.
    “Whitey” made a cake that tasted soooooo good.

  • Mike Hunt

    Dude whoever writes these stories is fuccing retarded. I mean you dont see that in half of them, they dont make any sense or the wording is deceiving? Come on fox get it together or im out.

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