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Skydiver injured after crash landing into trees

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MARSEILLES, Ill. — A skydiver is in critical condition after an accident in Marseilles, IL, 65 miles southwest of Chicago, Monday afternoon.

Curt Kmiecek and experienced skydiver from Lockport, was with a group of others this afternoon for the dive. Once they jumped, they noticed him spiraling downward, which is not normal for this skydiver. They knew something was wrong.

Kmiecek landed hard, in the trees about a mile and a half away from the nearest paved road along the Fox River.

Kmiecek was unresponsive and was having trouble breathing when rescuers located him. He was airlifted to Good Samaritan hospital in Downers Grove.

The accident is under investigation.

Skydive Chicago did not want to talk on camera about what happened today.