Solutions for sleep procrastination

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(KTVI) - How did you sleep last night?  Groggy again?  Did you go to bed when you were tired or did you procrastinate?  The solutions for fixing this problem are surprisingly simple.

Dr. Joseph Ojile, Sleep Expert from the Clayton Sleep Institute, joins FOX 2's Randi Naugton to tell us how to tackle sleep procrastination.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends these tips to improve sleep:

•Have a consistent sleep schedule not just during the week, but on weekends too.

•Start to relax with a hot bath or soothing music an hour or more before the time you want to fall asleep.

•Sleep in an area that's dark, quiet, comfortable and cool.

•Use your bedroom only for sleep and sex (so avoid watching TV, using a computer or reading in bed).

•Finish eating at least two to three hours before the time you want to fall asleep.

•Avoid caffeine and alcohol products close to bedtime.

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