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University City School Board reconsidering Normandy transfers

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(KTVI) - The University City School Board has decided to hold a work session to reconsider the decision to turn away 80 Normandy transfer students.  The board was pushed to reconsider by the argument that the transfer students had become attached to their new school and shouldn't be rejected.

Some board members say University City could lose its accreditation if transfer students remain.  Some also say that Normandy needs all of the transfer students back in order to move forward and become financially sound.  This month, the state took over the bankrupt Normandy District.  It will no longer be considered unaccredited and that is why the state transfer law can no longer force surrounding school districts to accept Normandy transfer students.

More than 1,000 students transferred last year and it cost Normandy nearly $10 million for tuition and busing.

University City is just one of several districts that initially announced that Normandy transfer students would be sent back to the now state run district.

The final decision should be made within two weeks.  It will be before the July 17th school board meeting.


  • Cit Riverview

    When are you people going to grasp this concept that,those children that come from those unaccredited school are the reason those district have failed,.Its not the teachers,its not the administrators or the board-members,. Its the Mush heads that occupy those seats in those school rooms. U city and the other district that took them in, have the test scores of those kids. Their reason are two fold,One they are not going to absorb the cost to house them in their class rooms,and two the children test scores will bring down the overall scores district wide.

  • Charley

    This month, the state took over the bankrupt Normandy District. It will no longer be considered unaccredited. And POOF, with the wave of an ink pen an unaccredited school district becomes accredited. How does that work by the way? If the solution was that easy, why didn’t that happen when the school first showed signs of trouble? Why did they wait so long and watch the district fail? Think of the millions of dollars that could have been spent a lot more wisely, rather than squandering all that cash for sending the students elsewhere.

    • Cit Riverview

      Because We the people elect people who appoint the likes of Chris Nicastro (wright) to be the head of the education of Missouri. We the people because of being Tared as a racist, wont speak the truth about the culture that breeds this type of failure across america.

  • srb3115

    what i dont understand is how they can make a decision to bring the kids back to this so called NEW normandy when they haven’t even gave it a year to see if this school is going to work out???? i think parents should still have the option to send thr kids where they want to how does a school go from unaccredited to being accredited without being retested? something sounds fishy about this whole situation if you ask me it also seems like the ty guy is more concern of the MONey than talking about the EDUCATION for the kids i hear more about what budget the Normansy don’t have then what NOrmandy has in plan for the EDucation for the kids like new classes, after school tuturing books where the kids can take home to have homework they didn’t even have that?? so them going to another school that offer more for them was the wonderful education life so why take that away from them to me this will be a set back for the kids! Everyone is talking about the money the money the money lets talk about the EDUCATION FOR THESE KIDS they are the ones being hurt! give or take there are some bad seeds in that district who parents don’t care about thier kids and the kids don’t want to learn but thier are some that do want to learn!@@

    • Cit Riverview

      You’ve hit the nail square on the head. IT’S THE MONEY and CONTROL. Most of those teachers in districts like Normandy or Riverview couldn’t hold a job other then teaching, I use that term Teaching LOOSELY. They are training these kids to be Bed pan dumpers and burger flippers or orange jumper wearers. But, maybe that’s all they will ever be.

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