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(KTVI) - On August 5th, Missouri voters will decide on Amendment 7, a ballot measure to temporarily raise Missouri`s sales tax by ¾ of a cent. All proceeds from the 10-year tax would go toward transportation improvements across the state.

MoDOT Assistant District Engineer Bill Schnell joins FOX 2's John Pertzborn to share why you should vote "Yes."

The 86 projects on the St. Louis regional list include:  roadway resurfacing projects, shouldering projects, interchange projects, bike/pedestrian and transit, two major bridge projects, rail, port, and airport improvement projects. Some projects such as the I-270, between Lindbergh and Route 367, in North St. Louis county, have been long-awaited by the community.

More than 100 miles of rural roads in Franklin, Jefferson, and St. Charles counties will get guardrail, rumble strips and shoulder projects.

Additionally, $150 million will go toward bike, pedestrian and trail improvements. Improvements to transit access and to some existing Metrolink stations.

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  • Fred Reiss

    If you travel I-70 from eastern Illinois, through Missouri, and across Kansas, our section of this interstate is in as good, if not better, shape than either of the 2 other states. If we re-build I-70, expand to 6 lanes, new interchanges, new bridges, etc. we’ll spend billions of dollars so traffic can zip right across the state.
    Three years ago, then director of MoDOT, Kevin Keith made converting I-70 to a toll road a “top priority.” Now MoDOT has made sidewalks, greenways, corporate jet hangers, bus stops, bicycle paths, streetcars, and other un-necessary projects their new priorities. All the funding would come from the largest tax increase in the history of Missouri.
    The stated mission of the Missouri Department of Transportation is “to provide a world-class transportation experience that delights our customers and promotes a prosperous Missouri”. A mission that lofty and noble could never be satisfied or run out of ways to spend money. One can’t fault MoDOT for spending as much money as they can get their hands on in pursuit of its grand mission. That’s MoDOT’s role. Someone else has to take the responsibility for restraining MoDOT’s thirst for funding, and it shouldn’t be parties who feed at the MoDOT trough such as construction companies, labor unions, transportation engineering firms, etc. MoDOT must be restrained by the voters on August 5th.
    The obvious vote on Amendment 7 is NO.

  • John Backes

    ALL government has turned into a bloated parasite. Say NO to anything they want. So the rest of the state has to pay for “greater St. Louis” improvements ? So when I pay for groceries and family clothing I am paying for the improvement of St. Louis ! Bike Paths and who knows what other “fluff ” projects are in this bill . SAY NO !

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