Ex-US Rep. Akin says he was wrong to apologize for “legitimate rape” comments

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ST. LOUIS (AP) _A former Missouri Republican congressman whose “legitimate rape” comments during the 2012 U.S. Senate campaign were roundly criticized now says he was wrong to apologize.

Todd Akin says in a new book that his remarks on whether abortion should be legal in cases of rape were taken out of context and led to his “political assassination” and betrayal by GOP allies. Akin lost to Democrat Claire McCaskill.

“Firing Back: Taking on the Party Bosses and Media Elite to Protect Our Faith and Freedom” will be released next week, but The Associated Press obtained a copy from the publisher.

Akin writes he believes stress affects conception, and asks “what could be more stressful than a rape?” He also says a “library of research on the subject” can be found on Google.

Hear his comments again:



  • Cassidy C

    You know, I’ve always been a registered Republican. When I saw this original interview, I knew he’d shattered any chances he ever had of holding a political office ever again (and rightfully so). I’m woman who is staunchly pro-life; I’m officially Anti-Akin. What an embarrassment–I suppose he wants all of us to trust our healthcare to “Dr. Google,” since THAT is such an outstanding resource for truthful scientific knowledge?!?! Who does he think he is?!? His original comments in the Jaco interview were NOT taken out-of-context by any means–that’s a total crock. I watched that interview from beginning to end. He signed his own political death certificate–not that I believe McCaskill is any better (using women who have been raped to promote a candidate’s commercial seemed pretty exploitative to me). That being said, stop trying to defend yourself, Mr. Akin, and just be silent. You’ve said more than enough.

    • Ace Baily

      well written comment, this guy should just disappear from the scene, before he makes himself look like a bigger idiot than he already has. going on the jaco interview, was first mistake as both have been around for some time, mo voters in picking akin had the choice of 2 candidates either of which would have been better, yet akin gets the votes. brunner would be our senator now ,had he won nomination, spence would be guv.

      • nowhere freeway

        Ace, i disagree that the jaco interview was a mistake. I’m glad he did it. can you imagine that idiot actually being elected and then saying that stupid sh1t?? he should have backed out after he made the comments.

  • Ace Baily

    my point about the jaco interview is that jaco was well known for the way he would interview people, then put his own spin on it. regardless of any subject akin was going to be targeted by jaco to see if he could trip him which he did. akin being around as long as he has, certainly knew how jaco interviewed, and then instead of just reporting news, always has put his opinion into the story. the interview proceeded exactly the way jaco wanted it to, see if he can get someone he opposes to say something really stupid.

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