Father faces murder charges after giving son deadly dose of heroin

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(KTVI) - A Bonne Terre father is facing murder charges after police say he gave his son a deadly dose of heroin.  St. Francois County Sheriff`s deputies and St. Louis police found the father Thursday morning at a home near I-44 and Jefferson Avenue in south St. Louis.

James Kobermann Sr. has been charged with second degree murder.  Investigators say he purchased and then shared heroin with his 19-year-old son on the night of July 1st in their Bonne Terre home.  Kobermann also ignored clear signs that his son was overdosing on the drug to avoid getting in trouble with the police.

On the morning of July 2nd, James Kobermann Jr. was found not breathing by other people in the home after his father went to work.  James Jr. was rushed to Parkland North Medical Center in Bonne Terre where he was pronounced dead.

Kobermann is in the St. Francois County jail.

His bond is set at $250,000.


  • rose

    He is certainly a fine example for his children, he is one of many parents with drug problems and this mentallity raising children. Even though this son was 19, cahnces are he has lived around this behavior most of his life.

  • daralyn

    Ur very right there its a very sad shame on the father for even lettin him use it in the first place

    • Jeffrey Brown

      This trash looks like he may have ‘Father of the year’ all wrapped up.
      There is a special place in H3LL for this type of scum.

  • Jodi

    My ex husband is addicted to this drug and went as far as making my daughter get out of the car at the dealers house in Washington park. .. And nothing was done to him.. Also he overdosed in may and had the drug in his home guess what NOTHING happened to him…. That’s the county I live in…

    • Anthony

      When cops come to help someone oding they cant arrest you for whats in the house that way less people will be scared to call for help when someone really needs it.

  • Sad

    If you have never been addicted to drugs it’s hard understand . Good , bad , rich or poor it doesn’t matter , behavior on drug isn’t understandable to others , let alone the person doing it . The man and son both needed help , that’s the sad thing with our world today , is judging that druggie this druggie , I can promise you they didn’t wake up and say , well when I grow up I want to be a druggie . They need more help in getting people the help they need , not waiting till something like this happens , now it’s to late . Herion is horrible and rapidly taking over ppl lives , yes they did the drug , but they continued for a reason . Drugs will always take you way farther then you want to go . It’s truly sad !

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