Federal agents swarm Livingston, Ill.

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LIVINGSTON, IL (KTVI)-- Homeland security, the US Customs and Border Patrol and other police agencies swarmed Livingston, Illinois.

They all parked in the field of a grade school.

The peacefulness of the town of 850 was broken by all the excitement.

The law officers would not comment about their operation, even to the school superintendent and they were using the school district’s land.

The site became an immediate attraction for citizens who say the officers were hospitable, inviting the kids to check out the choppers up close.

A spokesman in the U.S. Attorney`s Office said he cannot confirm or deny anything about an ongoing investigation. However we could learn more about this case Friday.


  • Robert Williams

    How come the Border patrol is not down on the border where they belong? Repeel the NDAA this is the start of big government in every bodies lives. How come the Sheriff was not there or was he?

    • Jacobite

      Border Patrol? Well, this house was obviously being used as a hideout by illegal aliens. You can rest easy knowing your Government is on the job.

    • US

      “Customs and Border Patrol” = CBP. Comprised of both agencies. It didn’t state specifically Border Patrol. It could be the Customs side of the house.

  • James Oliver

    Big Brother is here and will protect you wheather you need it or not. Automatic weapons and armored vehicles for cops are not what will save our country. If you are a cop and feel you need this type of equipment turn you gun and badge.

  • Rcastillo

    And yet, there are at least 1 million gang members in this country, and they don’t go after them, unless they are all part of the same gang?

  • Erich

    We may no longer have a government of the people but we have the government we tolerate. Unless the soviet troops finally landed I for one don’t care how nice the para-military government employees are they’re wrong and should feel ashamed every rime they pass a military cemetery.

  • Keith Miller

    There is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), DHS, United States Border Patrol (USBP) , and DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcment (ICE), all differnt groups within DHS. News folks….you should get your teminology correct. Livingston, IL is kinda east central US. fairly near a lot of major interstates. could be for any number of “trafficking” reasons (people, drugs, money, weapons) I would think.

  • Peter

    A Blackhawk cost nearly $2200 per flight hour… sounds like prudent use of our tax dollars. BTW how close is Livingston to the border?

  • Peter

    Is this why everyone is crossing the border so easily???? Are the patrol craft (black hawks) in Livingston IL and not Texas?

  • Wendy

    No one likes a pervert, but this isn’t about a pervet. The “pervert” is only their cover story as to keep the public content and to gain public support with thier shady operations and tactics against the public. These are training excercises and beta tests to see how the public reacts to them. Chris Dorner and the Boston marathon bombing were also examples of these tactics. These kinds of tactics are not standard operating procedures for peace officers. It isn’t normal to have armies of police officers ready and complete with combat equipment that is used against the public. These operations represent a dangerous precedent to the public and it is a threat to the well being of society. When the Gubmint get out of control and turns millitant against it’s own people means something is very wrong.

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