Former guard accused of sex misconduct with inmate

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BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) _ A southwestern Illinois woman is accused of sexual misconduct with a male inmate while she worked at a substance abuse treatment lockup.

The Belleville News-Democrat  reports that 33-year-old Victoria Castillo Wilken of Belleville is charged with five counts of custodial sexual misconduct and one count of official misconduct.

Authorities say Wilken was working at the minimum-security Southwestern Illinois Correction Center in Washington Park when she engaged in sexual relations with the inmate between March and mid-May. The newspaper says her employment ended on June 4.

The correctional center has roughly 700 male inmates.

Online court records don’t show whether Wilken has an attorney. She does not have a listed home telephone number.
Information from: Belleville News-Democrat,


  • rose

    CIT- go ahead, I would like to hear it. This is disgusting. Same thing just happened at Bonne Terre, what are these women thinking? What do these guys have to offer? This is why everytime a female upholds one of these criminals I cringe and hope they Never go to work in Corrections. They play these women like fiddles, ruin peoples lives, destroy families, their lives remain the same, they laugh and are proud, and wait for the next victim. Plus the diseases many have that can be taken home.

    • Cit Riverview

      What does this tell us all about this woman? She is lacking something in her life. She’s a risk taker. Unless she examines her behavior and understands the ramification of that type of behavior, she is doomed to repeat it. If she is married and has children there are other victims here. This is just my opinion, but women should only watch over other women that are incarcerated same goes for men. Of course it won’t stop lesbian or homosexual behaviors but there is a sure bet, no child would come from those sexual encounters.

      • rose

        CIT, I’ve worked with several women that have participated in this behavior with inmates, they woe them with their charming ways and they fall for it, Everyone of the women I know involved with an inmate WAS married with children. Not anymore, and the husbands got the children, as they should have.

  • ryan cerentano

    Yes I was incarcerated there and she isnt the only female there displaying that same behavior. Go figure.

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