Jefferson County mother reacts to son caught stealing cars

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(KTVI)-- A Fox 2 follow up on a stolen car from Jefferson County that was found by its owner through Facebook in Georgia.

Sondra Gaines heard the news about her son when she received a text Wednesday night from her daughter.

Cody Michael, Kelly Gaines and his friend are suspected of robbing numerous people in Missouri including a woman from High Ridge. They took her Volkswagen Beetle and posted this a picture on Facebook.

Sharon didn`t even know her son left the state of Missouri where they got caught stealing another man`s pick-up truck and is currently being held in custody there. He was living with her parents in High Ridge.

Sharon says that her son has a criminal history and may have taken one of her parent’s guns from the home.

She says she`s working right now to get a lawyer to support her son but knows that something like this needed to happen.

Gaines was going to be a senior at North-West High School. He also had a job at a Steak n Shake for a few weeks and his mom said he really liked it, so she was kinda taken aback by all of the news.

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  • Amanda

    This one isn’t proofread either! Who is Sharon!?! Come on, Fox 2. This is a beloved son, brother, grandson, cousin, etc. Stop being so quick to pump out a juicy story!

  • Tom Hayes

    Angie, you did a terrible job writing this story. Obviously, you did not go to Journalism school at MIZZOU!

    • rose

      TOM, if you hadn’t noticedlately, they have kind of placed her at the bottom of their reporters list. LOL And for good reason, just glad they took her off full time Television Broadcasting.

  • Someone who knows

    The mother involved here is the problem. If she had been a mother her son would not be in jail.

  • KD

    And just how is this the Mother’s fault? You have no idea what this mother and family may have been through with their son before it got to this point!

    • Rick

      If you watch the interview the woman clearly states that her son was living with her parents. Apparently for some reason she never took ownership of the problem to get him back with her so she could get a handle on things. It also sounds like she is blaming her parents so you have to wonder why that is. She sounds bitter for some reason at her parents. Sounds like she had a kid and didn’t take responsibility for being a Mom and let her parents raise him. Lost in all of this is the kid who probably never really had a proper home with structure so he could be taught right from wrong. No matter what, the boy still has to pay for what he did. When you watch this video I bet you are looking at one the main people responsible for his upbringing, or lack there of as in this case.

    • Kayley

      I’m so dead daughter. My mom? Was never a real mom. She was abusive. She’s jumped me in a parking lot. And what me and my brother went through was all from her. So thank you for not knowing. Goodbye

  • Jennifer

    This is ridiculous! This boy has never had structure or affection from either of his parents. Obviously he’s chosen a wrong path at this point but where did he learn it? There are several reasons why the kid wasn’t living with his mother. A little bit of research into DFS and you will find a very long history of poor parenting. SONDRA….should have no right to comment after the life she has chosen for him!

  • Anonymous

    I know some someone who he and his co part robbed at gunpoint the day before he robbed motomart. Taking phones, keys, and wallet. Lock them up before they hurt someone.

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