Little girl, snacking on some goldfish crackers gets a BIG surprise!

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A little girl in South Carolina got a big surprise while snacking on some Goldfish crackers!

Peyton Postol reached inside the bag — and pulled out a diamond wedding ring!

Pepperidge Farms, the company that makes Goldfish, is baffled.

No one has reported a ring missing and employees are forbidden from wearing jewelry while working.

Also, all packages go through a metal detector before being shipped out.

Pepperidge Farms is checking to see if the ring belongs to a worker in Denver, where they make Goldfish.


  • just a voice

    Let the girl keep it! It’s hers she found it in a bag of gold fish that were bought for her put it up for her until she’s old enough or if there is a nice reward for it give it back and put the money up for the little girl.

  • Tom Hayes

    The girls mother should have kept quiet about the discovery. The owner of the ring, if she claims it, would be fired for sure!

  • chivalry and the Golden Rule are gone and thats so sad!

    man… I see where chivalry and the golden rule we were all taught is now a days… Yes she got a ring in her bag, but why keep a ring that might mean so much to someone that lost it?? The employee probably didn’t want to alert the boss because she probably didn’t think she lost it at work. Most jobs will not just Fire you on the spot for something like this. She will get written up if this is her first time and actions will be in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It’s called Human Error. We all make mistakes. I work at a company that you aren’t allowed to have certain things in the warehouse, but it happens by mistake that you forget to take it off because you don’t think about it. SMH :(

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