Monarch Fire Protection District employee rally

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(KTVI) - More controversy could come to a head today in a west county fire district that has already seen a lot of conflict.  Firefighter union members in the Monarch Fire Protection District will hold a rally before a disciplinary hearing for one of its members.  Union members say they will hold a rally at 3pm to support their shop steward Chris Gelven who is also a captain inthe district.

Gelven could face discipline for speaking with the media after the union said that the Monarch fire board acquired bullet proof vests earlier this year.  Back in April, Gelven said the bullet proof vests would be used to line a half wall in front of the desk that board members use at meetings.

The union and the board have been at odds over numerous issues for some time.

The union says Gelven was off duty, was wearing his union apparel, and was acting in his capacity as a shop steward when he responded to questions from the media about the bullet proof vests.

At 4pm, the board will hold a disciplinary hearing for Gelven behind closed doors.

Then a public meeting will take place after that at 5:30.

The union says Gelven could be demoted, suspended or even fired.

We will see what kind of fireworks fly at the rally and the meeting that follows.


  • Cit Riverview

    This should be a wake up call to the voters in Monarch Fire Protection District. If they do this to that Capt,for Breast Cancer awareness campaign,think about what they will do to the money the tax payers give them.

  • Monarch Firefighters/Paramedics

    Captain Gelven is facing termination because he exposed the ridiculous mismanagement of Jane Cunningham and Robin Harris. He was interviewed regarding a “bullet proof” wall the Board of Directors had built. They built it by acquiring old (20yrs) and discarded vests from police and literally stuffed them in a faux wall. We are obviously not opposed to public safety. We are, however, opposed to inadequate plans such as this one. This whole situation is a microcosm of how Jane Cunningham and Robin Harris have completely mismanaged all facets of the District.

  • Tim

    What is wrong with the precaution this board took? Police departments do it all the time. Some gun locker rooms are lined with used vests, why not? Why is a fire captain divulging or even discussing such security precautions, The proper response should be “We don’t discuss district security matters”. A Captain knows that, a Union Shop Steward apparently does not.

  • RBN

    As a loyal taxpayer in chesterfield I want the board disbanded or at least not a cash cow for all board members. They should receive $25 per meeting to cover travel and misc expenses. That is it. Jane Cunningham is the lady who wanted child labor back in Missouri. She needs to retire and stay in her home. If they are worried about being shot that should tell you something…

  • Tim

    Quit crying and do your job. You come out with a bunch of half truths and expect tax payers to sign on. You folks have allowed your organization to completely embarrass our community. You belong on one side of the bargaining table, and soon, that’s where you will be. I’ll buy the T-shirts, with your employers logo, not the Unions, wear your Monarch Uniform and be proud. You make a better living than any other Chesterfield workers, but you cry a whole lot.

    • RBN

      Tim is Jane your mommy? What are you getting out of this to blindly support the board who makes a ton off of what should be a volunteer job? Other chesterfield employees don’t make as much because they don’t climb into burning buildings, deal with trauma and hazardous waste.

  • Tim

    Really, If you think Chesrfield employees don’t risk their lives, you are being foolish. I suspect they do, and I know Police Officers risk their life much more often than fires in Chesterfield, even the Women.

    • RBN

      Really Tim I thought they all just hung out at gas stations and video taped men. what Chesterfield employee risks his life…paper cuts, filing mishaps, emptying waste cans at the park. Not meaning to cut them down but you really think they risk their lives?

  • Tim

    Well ya did cut them down, and I think they are heroes. I feel well protected and I’m proud of them. I’m also proud of the Monarch Fire District, even the women.

    • RBN

      Tim you feel chesterfield employees are heroes? OK strange. What is your obsession with mentioning women with every post. I didn’t say all women should stay home just the ones like Jane who are batty and only do harm…oh and have their hand out for great pay for a volunteer job. Jane is this you posting as Tim?

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