Police: Mother killed toddler because she “didn’t want him anymore”

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(KTVI) – Police in New York say a young mother killed her 11-month-old baby because she had “reached her breaking point.”

According to PIX11.com, Nicole “Nikki” Kelly  was arrested on Monday, July 7th, on her  22nd birthday.  The arrest came just a day after her son died.

Police say Kelly wrapped Kiam Felix, Jr. in a bed sheet so tightly that he could move or breathe.

Police say Kelly told them: “I reached by breaking point. I didn’t want him anymore.”

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      • Therealbyebyetotherite

        When a women has an abortion is she thinking about her self or her poor defense less baby ?

    • Disgusted

      No, this is murder…. the same as abortion. ByeBye , Your comment is the usual nonsense we all expect from you.

      • anonymous

        I agree; abortion is wrong. However, the legality of abortion has nothing to do with this crime. I do not wish to defend the idea of abortion in anyway, but the selfishness and narcissism of this woman were the factors that caused this unfortunate crime. The fact that abortion is legal in our society does encourage women to view this as an option when dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, which is wrong and should never be carried out, but it did not play any part in this case. If it did, she would’ve had an abortion while she was pregnant with this child, rather than choosing to end the child’s life after birth. Ultimately, what happened was very unfortunate, and my prayers are going out the child and his family

    • Hank hill

      You dense fuck. This is exactly why we need abortion and birth control. So kids aren’t born in to parents who decide “lol no thanx I don’t want this kid any more. ”
      Don’t want the kid, don’t have one. Use birth control or abort it before it’s too late .

      • God is for you

        News flash we do have birth control and abortion is legal yet this woman still killed her child notice I didn’t say it because last time I checked a child is a person not it. Abortion and birth control has nothing to do with this. Our society has lost a relationship with god. Also if you believe in abortion funny how you parents didn’t kill you and you are here to speak for yourself hank hill.

    • Laura C

      Dave Sullivan..best comment yet and simplified to it’s lowest terms lol. I was a single mom, not by choice, and there are MANY tough days throughout the journey, very testing and frustrating moments; however, I cannot fathom this being an option EVER. How can a mother take the very life she just birthed and her own flesh and blood. I don’t understand it and it is not my place to judge. That is the main man’s job. I have my own flaws for sure, but that’s why they offer drop offs at firehouses etc

  • Tom Hayes

    And now it is time for the mother to lay down and receive the injection that will put her to sleep forever!

  • Dazzette

    POS probably wanted freedom for her birthday. Well she ain’t getting it now! Fry the bi***… RIP little angel. :(

  • stlmomof3

    This story has nothing to do with abortion, it says she killed an 11 month old baby that’s already breathing. So sad it has to come to this that a mother takes a life of her child because she no longer wants to care for. RIP little angel! !

  • Flurry

    I wonder how many times did she try to reach out to the people around her who claim they care so much. No I’m not saying its okay what she did, its ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE…but I bet she talked to someone and they shunned it off with, well we all I have problems sweety. This saddens my heart so bad because I bet without a shadow of a doubt this could have been prevented. ( REST IN PARADISE SWEET BABY):(

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