SWAT team handles neighbor dispute over fence after man pulls gun

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI) – Neighbors in the 2200 block of Central Parkway in North St. Louis County were surprised to learn they slept through a police stand-off Thursday night into early Friday morning.

St. Louis County police say 53-year-old Craig J. Smith barricaded himself inside his home for several hours before giving up about 3:30 AM.  He was wanted for threatening to shoot his neighbors with a semi-automatic hand gun just before midnight.

A probable cause statement released by the prosecutor’s office says Smith, who was naked called neighbors, who were sitting on their front porch, “terrorists.”  Police said Smith was eight to ten feet away from them when he said, “I used to be in the Army, and I used to kill people like you for fun!”

Once police gained access to Smith’s home, they found the semi-automatic  hand gun and a large quantity of other guns.

Smith was once an ATF licensed gun dealer.  He no longer has that designation but his company, CJS Enterprises, is properly registered as a business in the State of Missouri.

The St. Louis County prosecutor charged him with a Class D felony of unlawful use of a weapon.  He was held on a $25,000 cash only bond.

Neighbor Robert Sanders said Smith had issues with the neighbor’s toddler who touched his fence.  “He (Smith) would fly off the handle…it’s just crazy,” said Sanders.

Another neighbor, Will Blechle said everyone knew he was a gun dealer.  “It kind of aggravates you if you have kids.  The amount and the items he actually had were kind of frightening,” Blechle said.

Both men said they are relieved no one was injured during the stand-off.

The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office said the case will go to the Grand Jury.



  • Mad Florissant Resident

    You know, I’ve been living in Florissant since I was 1yo and it really USED TO BE a great place to live! I’m not going to get into a big political/racial rant but it does seem to me that the city began it’s downward slide at the same time the city’s demographics changed. I used to feel the need to tell people that Florissant isn’t North St. Louis City and that it’s a great place to live. Now though, I warn people to stay away from Florissant at all cost and that it’s just as bad as North St. Louis City, if not because of the crime then because of the corrupt police department and city hall. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position financially that would allow me to move any time soon and the real estate market only makes that worse. It’s people like the idiot that pulled the gun and barricaded himself inside his house that have made it difficult to sell and move from this horrible city! If it’s not directly because of people like him, it’s because decent people refuse to move into the area to with jerks like him. That only leaves other idiots like him to replace the herd of people that are leaving. I just hope I can leave here before my kids are corrupted by the trash that now surrounds us! (and I know that there are stupid people everywhere – it’s just that the ones in Florissant are in a much lower class) I blame the media and politicians for doing everything they can to destroy this city, this state, and this once great country and I don’t see it getting better any time soon!

  • TheREALByeBye2TheSickoRite

    Another fine, well-adjusted former member of our proud military! Well, he probably did kill people for fun in the military – that’s what they do, isn’t it? At least he’s honest! Killing innocent defenseless animals may be exciting for these “kind” of people, but probably pales in comparison to the fun and glee of killing actual human beings for no reason whatsoever!!

    And isn’t it his god-given RIGHT to have and display – and USE – a firearm, to get what he wants? I mean, that’s been the American way for 200 years, right? What would America be without the use of deadly force to keep the wealthy in control of it? And maybe he felt genuinely “threatened” by those neighbors? Most gun-toting hicks like this are afraid of little girls, so this guy’s probably a wimp and feels threatened by anything and everyone everywhere.

    I’m sure the NRA will be there to defend him! Especially if he’s white, and then REALLY if the “terrorist neighbors” are black! In that case, it almost becomes a RELIGIOUS cause! Maybe the NRA and the Catholic Church can defend him together!

    This guy SHOULD go to jail for a long time, but he won’t – it’s America, land of the gun! So he’ll get less time for threatening to kill someone with his gun than that other guy today will get for having dirty pics on his PC. Sick, sad example of what’s wrong with this pathetic and declining nation every day.

    • Buck

      That could be one of the most idiotic comments I’ve ever read! For starters….there is no confirmation that this individual was in the Army. “If” he was in the military…grouping the entire military over this persons actions are completely ignorant! Having served in the military, neither myself nor anyone I knew in the four years I was in, killed anyone and I was in the infantry. Our military members fight for this country so narrow minded people like yourself have the time to sit around and make comments that are completely absurd. Go off on politicians if you are opposed to conflicts that our military people are put in. It sounds like you are genuinely disgusted by our country. My suggestion is to move. There are plenty of countries that do not allow citizens to defend themselves or use firearms to hunt with. I’m not writing this in defense of the individual in this article…I’m writing it in reply to your attack on our military and our country. Please reply back to this after you have moved and let me know how much you are enjoying your new living arrangements.

  • Joe

    We promote hate in this country, my side versus your side. The crazy people take it to the extreme! United we stand, divided we fall!

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