Sweetie Pie’s to open on historic Beale Street

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(KTVI) – Sweetie Pie’s is working on a new location on historic Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.  In keeping up with the musical tradition of the area, the new restaurant will also have a performance stage. The Memphis location is scheduled to open later this summer.

A new season of the reality show “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” is set  to debut on the OWN Network Saturday night.


  • Rose McGee

    Want to be there for Memphis opening. When is it? Love the show, love the people and am so inspired by Ms Robbie.

  • Sharon Keys

    Please open by September 12 because I will be in Memphis for the weekend. I missed St.Louis so I wanna be sure and catch you on Beale St. I love your show but Tim is a MESS!!

  • marsha

    I love Sweetie Pie show its a good program . But Jenea she’s a trip she sound like a broken record in sorry she complain to much I never see her smile she’s a winer.

  • Pat Thornton

    I am planning a trip to Sweetie Pies in St Louis on 9/1/2014 to 9/4/2014. I would prefer to go to Memphis. Is there a drop dead date for them to open in Memphis?.

  • mstlg1957

    Glad to see them expanding their brand. Wish Tim and Janae could work things out, but they are too much into themselves to be in a relationship. Just need to be good parents to TJ. TIm could have handled hiring Ma’ri in a better way, rather than just having her show up. Michelle may have been working for the family business for a long time, but she’s not really management material. She needs to stay in her lane. Can’t see her running anything but her mouth. She and Ma’ri are both abrasive, probably why they don’t get along.

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