Teen loses 3 fingers after “sparkler bomb” explodes

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SALEM, MO (KTVI)-- A teenager is seriously injured when he set off what's called a "sparkler bomb."

A warning, some of the video is graphic but it shows just how dangerous fireworks can be.

Firefighters and other departments say even though the Fourth of July has passed, people continue to set off fireworks until they are all used up.

Some believe sparklers are low risk but they aren`t and even more dangerous when they are combined to create a sparkler bomb.

Mark Shrewsbury of Salem, Missouri lost his thumb, two fingers and part of his hand when a sparkler bomb he made exploded earlier than he planned. His fascination with explosions caused devastating injuries.

Even with medication, the pain brought tears to his eyes. Mark was hospitalized for six nights. His arms and legs are covered with burns and scabs caused by the exploding sparklers. His hearing and eyesight were also damaged. He`s telling his story so other people don`t do what he did.

His mom says the family has no insurance and even though it was not a smart thing to do, she`s hoping someone will lend Mark a hand to pay the expensive medical bills.

Mark plans to get back to normal as soon as he can. He wants to be a law enforcement officer and he`s been told he could still achieve that career goal.


      • Seriaeholmes

        Teenagers also know not to go get preg but they do! And guess what us tax payers are supporting over half of them. Trust me I was one…

    • tasha bell

      How & why is this news? He decided to experimentnow his mother has the opportunity to ask for funds for medical exspenses he should be charged. Fox 2 your wrong to run this b/s. Now u want him to talk w/other kids. Since when was it ok to experiment with explosives. What was he really gonna blow up.

      • Seriaeholmes

        In all honesty who r u to determine that he should be charged? Do u know the FULL STORY behind this. Did his mother come out and ask for money personally????

  • Tim

    So they are in violation of federal law by not having health insurance AND want help paying the bills? Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Seriaeholmes

    Stupidity huh so it’s stupid for a teenager to be just that a teenager. And for mr rich man do u have insurance if so great for u!!! However I don’t have insurance does that make me a bad person. How about this do u have a prepaid burial what if u was to die tomorrow is ur family comfortable? Things happen this family has struggled they have faught cancer they have STRUGGLED. So until u guys r in their shoes lets not judge besides that’s not our jobs here….

      • Kim Pruitt

        Don’t act like you’ve never done something stupid! He understands it wasn’t smart, but he shared his story so other people understand what could happen, and that he is lucky to be alive. Dont be too quick to judge, you might be the next to make a stupid mistake that lands you in a position like his.

      • Joe

        His story about the dangers can be shared without mentioning his name or interviewing him. But we have to make a hero out of those who do wrong, and give them their 15 minutes of fame!!

  • Jay

    He is still just a kid, yes might be old enough to know it was dangerous, but you cant tell me that you have never done anything stupid before in your life, everyone has at one point or another, so dont judge him and make nasty comments on how stupid he is. Shame on you

    • the kid

      Thanks man. What people don’t understand is that I understood the risks I took them. I didn’t do the news thing for attention, I did it so no one would do what I did. I could have lost my life but I was lucky I didn’t. I font want any parent to have to bury their child. So if I I can at least get through one kid, maybe I get get through more.

  • Jackie

    Thank you Mark and family for sharing your story. Everyone makes mistakes and it takes a lot of courage to step forward, as you have, to try and help others not make the same mistake. Prayers for your speedy recovery and wishing you great success with you career goal.

  • Tabetha

    I find it so very sad that so many people are so negative. Bottom line, people make mistakes, I am sure if you think back to when you were young, and think hard enough, you will remember one or two things that you wish you didn’t do, things that could have injured you or forever changed your your life. Mark understands that what he did was no joke, he is forever changed, he can’t take it back, And for the rest of his life he will have to deal with this! But he is trying to save someone else, He is trying to make sure that no other child, teenager, or adult has to suffer. Nobody is demanding money from you period! If you don’t want to help them, that is your choice, and that is fine! They are not demanding money from ANYBODY! Whatever happened to human decency and compassion! So Sad!!

  • Flame-Out

    Thankfully you did not include the instructions for such a hazard. Let them look for the plans if they want to be stupid like this guy…

  • shajuana simpson

    this boy is not stupid by any means, he made a decision that he will regret the rest of his life, he has to live with the consequences, not you haters. he’s not trying to get your money.he wants to warn others not to be so careless as he was. he didn’t intend to lose parts of his body, vision and hearing ect…. this news cast didn’t capture everything, it’s not long enough to tell their whole story. so many kids and grown adults have done this just been lucky. this boy’s mother has recently survived cancer and a heart attack and worked through it all. she has raised he 4 wonderful kids by herself without asking for help. and she has done a good job. her kids are all hard workers and very respectful. the wrong choice he made doesn’t mean he’s stupid. it’s just a wrong choice. a simple thing like trying to have fun. who’s to say one day one of you haters won’t decide to do something you think is fun and it end up in a tragedy. you never know what God is gonna put in your path. but i will say this. when i stand before Him, i don’t want to have to explain why i insulted and made fun of one of His children, When i could have said encouraging words or lent a helping hand. they are in enough pain emotionally and physically.

  • Kbyars

    Marky, Thank you for sharing your story, We have all been worried about you and we hope you have a speedy recovery. God Bless you and yours. You will be in our prayers.

  • Tori

    For one who are you to call this boy stupid honestly… like you have room to speak and I’M sure he did know the risk of what he was doing but all kids experiment and take chances I did.. I made some dumb choices as a teen I’M sure u did too…wharves happened to people now days ? If you don’t wanna help then don’t but I have a lot of respect for this young man and sharing his story so kids his age and younger or older don’t make the same mistake he did.. marky I hope you get well soon and don’t pay any attention to them they are a sad excuse for a human my family and I will be praying for you and yours God bless you sweetie

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    UMMMM… How dumb is this guy and then to have his mother get on television to request someone help with his medical bills! UMMMM… dumb on 2 accounts he isn’t enrolled in Obamacare and has NO insurance??? Soooo he is a law breaker as well??? Obamacare would have paid some after his HUGE deductible! Sorry I don’t approve of Obamacare but it is still a law, and once again it shows that taxpayers will pay for another idiots bills!

  • Jay

    i lend you a finger or two! but not a hand! dont worry about all the cry-babies here. they have nothing better to do.

  • Steve_Enderman

    the kid is a complete idiot. I live in Salem and he pretty much deserved this by how he acted around town

  • tigerrun

    Yes everyone makes mistakes but we have to pay for them . And asking for handouts is not the way to do it. Owning up to what you did and finding your own way to pay monetarily, is your responsibility.

  • Mrtwobit

    Watch for him to claim he was thrown out of a KFC for ‘distracting’ other customers. That seems to work.

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