Arrest made in Affton gas station robbery

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AFFTON, MO (KTVI)- As arrest has been made in the robbery of a south St. Louis County gas station Thursday. Daniel McSkimming, 17,  has been charged with one count of Attempted Robbery First Degree and is currently being held on a $20,000 cash only bond.

On Thursday, July 10, St. Louis County police responded to a BP gas station located on Tesson Ferry for a report of an armed robbery. The suspect had walked in, pointed a handgun at the clerk, and demanded money before fleeing the scene. Video surveillance  captured the suspect and he was later identified.

Police arrested McSkimming  on Friday, July 11. Charges were filed Saturday, July 12.

Daniel McSkimming, 17


  • rose

    Tries to look tuff in the picture, bet he is crying like a baby now. Glad he got caught, if not, may get brave and hurt someone. Another little punk off the streets.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Glad he got caught and nobody was hurt.He will probably get a slap on the wrist, but I’m glad they got him.This rare incident in the burbs pales in comparison to the daily drive bys, car jackings, and violence in general in the hood.So for the super cats of the world, enjoy your little jabs on this rarity, but don’t cry foul when others blast the DAILY hood violence.

    • Super Cat

      I really don’t give a s… about who you blast CLOWN. I’ve been in this world for 54 years and I have met bigger & more ignorant bigots than you in person. So your little irrelevant jabs don’t bother me. The only place that you think that you matter is on this web site and in your own mind. And you have me all wrong, I don’t get a kick out of violence or crimes that happen in ANY community or by any race. I don’t keep score. I just comment to get a rise from you, you CLOWN.

  • Ben

    This took place up past Lindbergh blvd. that is not Affton. You guys should get your facts correct. It effects how people look at areas when buying homes or supporting business.

  • Joe

    Just kids being kids! What is this world coming to when you can’t even point a gun in someone’s face and threaten their life for a little spending money?

    Or perhaps he just wanted to do a little (mc)skimming of his own!!!

    • Tom Hayes

      K. SAB You DID go to school with this criminal. He is going away to a much different school – prison!

  • Unidentified

    He was a grade above me. Perks of being a Lindbergh Flyer! You get to go to school with kids who are complete druggies and pull stuff like this.

  • S. Jensen

    What a true piece of trash! After looking up the house this kid was raised in, I am led to believe that his parents are wealthy idiots who have raised their son to be a “cool guy” delinquent that has never taken responsibility for his actions. I would love to know about this rat’s prior criminal history that led the police to his door after seeing merely this photo. Take a look at his facebook account. It states he is a member of “the Taylor Gang” , which appears to be made up of four soft suburban kids that deal trash weed and have decided they are tough. This kid has been bad news for awhile, and it is time to stop treating him nicely. Would the world be better off if the police chaplain killed this pubescent piece of garbage? I’m not sure. However, I am certain that he should be tried as an adult. He is not going to learn right from wrong in the remaining months until he turns 18. Send him to jail with other lowly pieces of scum and let him get the beating he deserved long ago. FRESH FISH

  • Steve Jensen

    Anybody who pulls a 1911 .45 on an innocent person deserves to go to real prison ….. you know … the type of place where they take wimpy pieces of human scum like DanMcSkimming, immediately knock out his teeth, and routinely turn him into a Danielle. Have fun getting raped in prison. Guess the shoe is on the other foot now, you punk. FRESH FISH! FRESH FISH!

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