Gun violence on the rise in Columbia

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COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) _ Gun violence is often thought of as an urban problem, but recent shootings in Columbia, Missouri, are creating concern.

The Columbia Tribune ( ) reports that a small group of central Columbia residents met with three police supervisors last week to discuss a recent wave of gun violence.

Five people have been shot in Boone County since June 25, four of them in central Columbia. Police have been dispatched to 25 reports of shots fired and say gunfire was confirmed in many of those cases.

On Wednesday, someone fired dozens of shots and hit two houses and an empty car. No one was hurt.

Police say they’re being proactive. Officers from other divisions are on patrol in the central city, part of an effort to saturate the area with police.


  • Bill Hitchcock

    I noticed Bros out there last winter. Thought I was back in STL. Like roaches they will move in and destruct.

  • Therealbybyetotherite

    Well when jamar or ray ray gets there free scholarship for being black in St. Louis and start school at missouri state they don’t leave there guns and drugs at home.

      • TheREALByeBye2TheExtremeRite

        Bill, that’s quite an intellectual comment there, and an awfully BIG word for you to use and spell properly!

        That’s ESPECIALLY IMPRESSIVE being a white dimwit racist hick! Most have no brains whatsoever – you obviously have enough to spell a three-letter word! Certainly smarter than the average rural NRA dimwit! Yee-haw!

    • TheREALByeBye2TheExtremeRite

      Hey, here’s the phony right-wing gun-masturbating p|_|ss on here, predictably mouthing off his racist guns ‘n bibles nonsensical blabber.

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      On second thought, that’s probably okay you live in yer rusted pickup truck in the rural areas, because when you think about it, probably just about any black man in the city COULD whip yer hick behind if you ever came in the city without yer big gun. So please, stay out there in the sticks! Do us ALL a favor! And save yerself while yer at it.

      Meanwhile, there’s plenty of gun violence by you white hicks out there on Pa’s inherited property, too. Yer just too out-of-touch and pathetically dimwit to see it. This Fox news story is way out-of-touch, too – just like you! Gun violence is NOT an “urban problem”.

      • rose

        TRBB2TER- It’s Yee Haw, Ya’ll. Your really not that smart. May be Bill is a man of few words. I left the Hill 18 years ago, so far in this county about as many shootings as STL in one week. Some of those accidental hunting accidents. These redneck, gun toten, pick-up driving hicks would stop to help even the likes of you, you would be thankful, cause you have no cell phone service here.

    • rose

      KEN, You nailed it. All who commented on this are right. In a couple more years the people and police of that community are not going to know what hit them. It is horrible, now.

  • TheREALByeBye2TheExtremeRite

    Gun violence on the rise in Columbia?


    I guess the typical roaches of the extreme gun-worshipping racist right above all have this blamed on black people, of course! When you’re that weak minded and unable to think for yourself, that’s the best they can do.

    So I guessed they missed the gun violence just yesterday from the white NRA hick in Florrisant threatening neighbors with his big guns (he’s a licensed gun dealer, just a SWELL fella). Well, it sure beats facing these people when you’re more cowardly than a little girl and are afraid of everybody and everything because you’re such a pathetic loser! I guess they haven’t noticed that most of the gun violence over the last couple of years has been WHITE HICKS and other associated white redneck losers like the movie show coward, the gas station coward, and Sandy Hook son of a white redneck woman.

    The solution to gun violence on the rise EVERYWHERE IN AMERICA is to start cracking down on guns and the use of guns – let’s start by putting that NRA redneck hick in Florissant away in jail for LIFE for using his gun to threaten others. Then we go after the rednecks, the hicks and yes even the “hood rats” when they go bad, and lock them ALL up when they use their guns in any way threatening whatsoever. It’s a start.

    • Therealbybyetotherite

      Gun violence and crime is going down across the country look at the fbi stats you sheep libtard. More from Marie the welfare queen living in her boyfriends slum north Webster groves 2 bed 1 bath house in the hood.


      And meanwhile all if the mass shooters have been obama loving dems all hoped up on anti depression medicines. That what they all have in common all on medicines just like you are Marie the welfare queen.

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