Vigil to be held in midtown for Palestinians

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Sunday evening the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee will hold a vigil about the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip. The event, Stand with Palestinian Civilians plans to mourn the more than 150 Palestinians killed so far in the Gaza Strip.

It will be held at 6:30 pm at the corner of Grand and Lindell.


  • Therealbyebyetotherite

    So Is this next to that muslim terrorist training center on grand … I mean muslim school.

  • Toney Yates

    In all the years that Israel has been the victim of Palestinians launching missiles at them, I have never heard of a “vigil” being held in their honor.

    • Cardsfan1

      That’s funny…since stealing Palestinian land, expelling the Palestinian population in 1948, murdering anyone who tried to return to their homes, occupying the West Bank and Gaza, denying Palestinians their basic human rights for over 66 years, destroying their homes, indiscriminately arresting, and killing Palestinians, I’ve never seen Israel hold any vigils for the Palestinians it brutally occupies and oppresses.

      • ean12967

        Don’t see any Palestinians holding vigils for the victims of their own radical Muslims who run around cutting off heads and committing mass murder.

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