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Dueling rallies over transportation tax “Amendment 7” held across town

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Dozens of people crowded into the STL Style House gift shop for a rally with the message that Amendment 7 is bad for the economy and the environment. Many of the individuals recorded video messages that will appear on YouTube. The opponents say they can't afford advertising, so they are using social media to get the word out. They believe the three quarters of cent sales tax increase would be unfair.

The proponents of Amendment 7 also had an attention getting visual image. They towed in a school bus that had been in an accident an carried a prop made of Styrofoam to resemble a fallen bridge. The rally was in the parking lot of the Laborers International Union building in south St. Louis County.

In just a little over three weeks Missouri voters will decide on Amendment 7. They will decide if the MoDOT promise of more roads and better roads is worth raising the sale tax by three quarters of a cent.

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  • Ace Baily

    the coin being tossed at this by the unions, the companies looking for a chunk of the action and the multi millionaire is mind boggling, so that they can make a few bucks on the backs of ratepayers that are doing good just to get by. this is a user pay project, end of story.

  • Kevin Dougherty

    Unfortunately this is just about putting money in union bosses pockets. Fixing infrastructure is what they use to hype it, but it’s just putting money in union bosses pockets. Prove me wrong and hire crews that are non-union to do the highway work.

  • Shawn Leight

    Amendment 7 is about providing Missouri with a transportation system that is safe and well maintained. It is about leveraging Missouri’s assets (our rivers, rails, and central location in the US) for economic competitiveness and job growth. Finally, Amendment 7 is about providing Missouri with travel choices. It changes the rules allowing state transportation funding for bicycle, pedestrian, and public transportation infrastructure as well as state investment in ports, airports, and rail facilities. Amendment 7 has broad support from groups such as AAA, Citizens for Modern Transit, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation, Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Missouri State Troopers Organization, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, and the Missouri Public Transit Association. Amendment 7 is about moving Missouri forward into a prosperous future for us and our children.

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