Better signs and winterized restrooms coming to Forest Park

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FOREST PARK (KTVI)-Improvements are coming to Forest Park. The changes are all based on feedback from park users and are being implemented by the city of St. Louis and Forest Park Forever.

One big changed is that a new 239-sign system will be installed in the park.  The current, brown-colored signs were put in place 20 years ago were meant to be temporary. New signs include banners, kiosks, trail signs, and more. Installation begins this month.

The second improvement is set to make the park better in the winter months. Four comfort stations will be heated this fall so that bathrooms and drinking fountains will be open all year round.  Currently, the park closes restrooms from October to mid April.

Other addition will include new drinking fountains, bike racks, and landscaping.

The nonprofit Forest Park Forever, which helps the city maintain the park, raised the money for the improvements.



  • Liz

    Hooray for new signs! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven in circles because of those things!

  • Fed Up With Liberals

    Once again our own liberal left Fox2 has discarded my comments due to my mention of the depraved LGBT community who is ever present in Forest Park…..gee what a surprise. We certainly can’t allow their own Kevin Steincross to be offended now can we.

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