58-year-old man is killed when a car crashes into him

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Witnesses say a speeding car flipped and killed an innocent man standing in front of a house on the 4200 block of Enright Avenue Wednesday night.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police confirm the victim was 58-years-old. Friends say he lived in the neighborhood and was visiting friends.

Police say the victim was one of three people standing in front of the home when a car crashed into a fire hydrant, hit a retaining wall and flipped on top of the victim.

Roland Floyd was one of those men standing in front of the home with his friend. Floyd did not get injured.

“The car was coming so fast. I had like a split second to react and get out of the way, and I just heard it crash,” said Roland Floyd.

Floyd said the victim tried to get out of the way but there just wasn’t enough time.

“Just sad to see somebody that I know like, die right in front of me,” said Floyd.

Police said the driver of the car and a passenger ran away. As of Thursday night, they had not been located.

It was difficult to tell the make of the car from the wreckage left behind. One officer said the vehicle appeared to be a dark colored Chevrolet.

Witnesses said the car was definitely speeding. Accident reconstruction crews will make that determination. There were no signs of skid marks.

One man who knew the victim said, “He was just the nicest guy.”

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