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Candidates faceoff for St. Louis County Executive seat

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(KTVI)- There could be more fireworks Wednesday in the already heated race for St. Louis County Executive.  A new ad is coming out and a candidate`s forum is set to take place.

County Executive Charlie Dooley is being challenged in the upcoming August 5th primary by democratic county council member Steve Stenger.  Today, Dooley is releasing his latest ad which Dooley`s communications director says highlights Steve Stenger`s role in human trafficking including the victimization of women and young girls.  The ad focuses on a prostitution case from March of 2000 where Stenger was representing one of the people who was convicted of being a pimp in a prostitution ring.

Stenger has also been running ads attacking Dooley.

Topics there include a new county courts building reportedly costing millions more than Dooley said it would and alleged corruption in the Dooley administration.  As for the candidate`s forum tonight, it is taking place at 7pm in the student center at the Florissant Valley campus of the St. Louis Community College.

FOX 2 has spoken with representatives from Dooley and Stenger`s campaigns.  They say both candidates should be present.

The forum is focusing on all seven candidates on the ballot for St. Louis county executive but the focus will clearly be on Dooley and Stenger.

Under the format, each candidate will present a brief synopsis of their positions on issues.  Then the candidate will answer written questions submitted by audience members.

The event is sponsored the league of women voters of St. Louis and co-hosted by the greater North County Chamber of Commerce.

The forum could be the only time Dooley and Stenger square off face to face before the primary.


  • TheREALByeBye2TheExtremeRITE

    This is one tough choice – one jerk, or another jerk.

    And they’re both Democrats! But we must understand, here in the Bible Belt, even Democrats are really Republicans – just somewhat to the right (sometimes mistakenly called “moderate”) rather than radical, reactionary extreme right like Tea Party Republicans. Especially Stenger. But Dooley is a fool, too – I’ll can’t forget his lies about parks to try to get another huge property tax increase. NEITHER is a good choice.

    But I’m sure any Republican running won’t be any better, either. They’ll just be for tax cuts for the wealthy and taxpayer welfare handouts for big business, to “spur development” and “add jobs”, neither of which will then really happen, as usual.

    Maybe on voting day I’ll write in the name of my dog – he’d probably make a better leader.

    But remember to JUST VOTE NO on everything else on the ballot! It’s simple as that.

    • Therealbyebyetotherite

      No it’s st.louis a 2 party system black demoratic verse white demoratic. Black people will vote for him just because he’s black and a lot of libtards like yourself will vote for him because of white guilt I’m sure Dooley the crook will win. St.louis is on it’s way to be Detroit.

  • Ed Golterman

    Attacking each other is a waste of their time and of the League’s time and of the time of those citizens who attend. Each present how they are going to improve the economy what taxes they will abolish or lower the ratew and where they stand on city/county re-connect.

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