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Dooley’s new ad tries to link Stenger to sex trafficking

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(KTVI) - A new video released by County Executive Charlie Dooley's campaign accused Councilman Steve Stenger of condoning sex trafficking.

The 30-second spot began airing on Wednesday and says Stenger represented a 'notorious kingpin' and says Stenger blamed prostitutes saying it was the 'lifestyle they chose."

Our partners at the St. Louis Post Dispatch say in a 2000 Post article, Stenger said, "It's a social unit they choose to live in."

Stenger responded to the ad in a news conference Wednesday calling the ad "despicable."

"I think the ad is a desperate attempt by someone who I believe...I believe Mr. Dooley feels he is losing this election and he is taking a very wild swing with this ad."

Stenger has also been running ads attacking Dooley.

There is a candidate forum Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in the student center at the Florissant Valley campus of the St. Louis Community College.

The forum is focusing on all seven candidates on the ballot for St. Louis County Executive but the focus will clearly be on Dooley and Stenger.

Under the format, each candidate will present a brief synopsis of their positions on issues.  Then the candidate will answer written questions submitted by audience members.

The event is sponsored the League of Women Voters of St. Louis and co-hosted by the greater North County Chamber of Commerce.

The forum could be the only time Dooley and Stenger square off face to face before the primary.



  • Jo

    I guess I can assume Stenger was/is a defense attorney? Oh the horror, he did his job! How about Dooley stick with his work as a councilmen since that is the only thing that is relevant. I suppose comparing political records wouldn’t work out very well for Dooley.

    Dooley is an embarrassment to the county! If I want corrupt leadership I will move across the river to Illinois.

  • Gone Fishing

    Dooley is on Welfare and getting a paycheck and handouts, seen him on the McKinley bridge with a sign saying “Sore hands Cannot STEAL money out of pocket today! Please give. “


    I knew it would be a bunch of white racists attacking Mr. Dooley on this site and I was correct!

    • Jo

      I don’t know all the players here but the only racist comment was in response to a comment calling everyone who answered, racists. Saying there are flaws in his leadership, that he is corrupt is an opinion based on his work product, not the color of his skin.

      I voted for Dooley, not the last election though. It was already becoming obvious he didn’t care about what is best for the county.

      And you sure are a bright one, every response has a report comment button below it.

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