Loop business owners laud fiber optic cables

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UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Business owners along the Delmar Loop in University City and St. Louis say the installation of fiber optic cables will have a big impact on businesses in the area.

The cables are part of the Loop trolley project. The trolley itself won’t be in place until 2016, but KMOX Radio reports that the cables will be in place earlier, allowing restaurants, offices and other businesses to offer the latest in high-speed internet technology.

Building owner John Mathews says the technology will help draw high-capacity data users to the Loop. Cafe owner Patrick Liburto says that could help attract start-up companies, too
Information from: KMOX-AM, kmox.com

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  • TheREALByeBye2TheCorporateRITE

    I’d sure like high-speed fiber optic cabling in the city where I work!

    But how much did taxpayers pay for business THIS time?

    Can’t we see yet: The single, biggest WELFARE program of them ALL in America today is our constant, growing taxpayer handouts to big business and the wealthy. It’s getting so it seems the purpose of American government is to finance the business sector, and provide “entitlements” to business owners.

    And it’s getting old.

    Perhaps we should start calling our nation “The United Corporate States of America” or even more accurate “The United Corporations of America”. Sure would be a more fitting description.

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