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Man surrenders to SWAT Team after shooting a shotgun in his home

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KTVI) – A man has been arrested for shooting a shotgun inside his home.  A neighbor called police complaining that pellets were falling onto his home.  When police arrived they heard Jason Marschuetz, 39, shooting.

The SWAT team was called in to negotiate with Marschuetz.  Police say he was the only one home and was upset over a personal matter.  Crisis negotiators attempted to negotiate with him and failed.  Several more shots were heard inside the home.  The SWAT team says he shot at one of their trucks.

After several hours of talks Jason Marschuetz surrendered to authorities.  He is currently being held at the St. Charles County Adult Detention Center on charges of 1st Degree Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, Armed Criminal Action, Unlawful Use of a Weapon and 2 counts of 2nd Degree Property Damage.

He has a $200,000 cash bond.


  • Jonathan Godfrey

    that’s because he didn’t shoot out the window at swat. In no way, shape or form am I sticking up for him. He needs to be locked up in jail or a mental hospital, but the police need to be honest about what happened. Im the neighbor who called the police. I called because I heard a shot fired from his house and was worried that he had killed himself. When dispatch asked how I new a shot was fired I said “you could see the shot come through the ceiling and hear it hitting the roof of my house”. There was only 6 shots fired in the house by Jason and all were either aimed at the ceiling or interior walls, not out the windows. The first officer on the scene has already tried to manipulate my account of what happened. I was able to walk through the house yesterday with his family and what the police have to say and what actually happened are two totally different things. Jonathan

    • Mark Levin

      His gunshots hit a SWAT vehicle. They hit your house. They were landing outside of his home and putting others’ lives in danger. Perhaps if one of those officers were your son or father you’d feel differently. They risk their lives every day to protect others. They were there to protect Jason as well as you!

  • Angie

    None of you know what personal issues he is going thru. Mind your business. He is being punished enough. No one needs outsiders judgemental opinions.

      • Jonathan Godfrey

        Rose, unless you live in the neighborhood, its none of your business so keep your nose out of it. I know what happened, i know the issues that were going on, Im the one who called the police. The problem is all the pre-madonna, want a be journalist keep writing hearse. I was very close to the family and still am. So unless you were there and know the facts, stay out of it you key board commando and go back to knitting a quilt. Remember, not everything you read on the internet is true and cops aren’t exactly the most honest people. Jonathan

      • rose

        JONATHAN- You need to put your yo-yo down and learn to read. I did not make a single comment about him personally, only the picture FOX 2 used in a top story. Your right, I don’t know him nor do I know anything other than what is in the news, and didn’t even comment on that, Between you and Angie, this poor guy doesn’t have a chance, regardless of circumstances.

      • Jonathan Godfrey

        Rose, you said that because it made the news it made it everyone’s business. Well i hate to burst your bubble but its not yours or anyone else’s business. You need to climb out from the rock that you live under. They have already caught one of the police officers lying.. Im done arguing with people who don’t know the facts and who were not there, or who haven’t been through the house since the incident.. Your problem is, you believe everything that you read on the internet. I feel really bad for you because you have never experienced life, just what you read. The journalist have manipulated the story so many times its not funny. A police officer who is friends with my family told me not to waste my time talking to the journalist because they are single sided and will manipulate the story to make it seem worse than it is. Have a good night under your rock rose. Or should i call you miss perfect. God I would hate to be one of your kids or husband.

      • rose

        JONATHAN, Been married 34 years, five children, of which 4 chose military, have been a correctional officer for 17 years. I feel I have experienced the best of life, along with the worst. I said nothing negative about this man, only commented on his picture. You need to grow up and get some kind of a life. If you can prove they are lying on this guy, go higher up and help him.

  • Jonathan Godfrey

    in fact the first officer to arrive on the seen didn’t even hear the 3rd gun shot, i had to tell him. The next morning he called me over to his car and said “i cant believe that he was shooting at us” I asked what he was talking about and called him a liar since he didn’t even hear the 3rd gun shot. Then i went to talk to a detective that straightened out, This police officer was caught lying and falsifying evidence and his report what thrown out. This just goes to show that they are lying about certain things to make them selves look like hero’s. Anyone who thinks police officers are honest people need a reality check. Jonathan

  • John

    What type of roof was he shooting through? Typical drywall, insulation, plywood sheeting and asphalt shingled roof would seem to take several blasts with shotgun before penetrating through. Also, if he was shooting bird shot the pellets aren’t going to hurt anybody when they rain down as long as you don’t catch one in the eye. Sounds like everybody making a big deal over nothing. Hope he gets off easy and gets help for whatever troubles he’s dealing with. Peace

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