Missouri plans to expand scholarship program for some students who came to the US illegally

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COLUMBIA, MO (AP) – Missouri education officials plan to expand a scholarship program to some high school students who came to the US illegally before their 16th birthday.

The Missouri Department of Higher Education says those students will be eligible to participate in the A+ program, which gives qualifying students to receive two free years of tuition at a Missouri community college.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports the program will be opened to students who have applied with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” status.

That status allows eligibility for work authorization but also makes the population eligible for education benefits because the students would be deemed “lawfully present” in this country.

Bill Thornton, education department attorney, says no timeline has been established for expanding the program.

Information from: Columbia Daily Tribune, http://www.columbiatribune.com


  • CalamityInAmerica

    All through the years my children attended parochial school I paid tuition and also paid a great deal of property taxes for the public schools. How much are you going to drain the American Citizens to make these peoples lives easier while ours are getting worse?

  • CalamityInAmerica

    I also know if we break a law we pay fines or go to jail…the last time I checked “Illegal” is breaking the law…not due process to be rewarded with freebies!

  • rose

    It’s the New America and the New American way to help poor illegals succeed and the tax payers foot ALL their bills, while citizens have to take out huge loans or not get to go to these schools. They probably don’t even speak English. American citizens are being descriminated against at their own expense.

  • Groovy Chick

    Can my kids go to their countries illegally and get a free education? They can’t get one here for free.

  • Just

    NO NO NO… This should NOT happen. Contact your State Reps and voice your opinion. Illegal Aliens are just that ILLEGAL…. cut off ALL funding and benefits… period. No jobs, no freebies and handouts… they will go home on their own. I dont give a rats patoot what their own country is like. Its up to them to take their countries back. Period.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Typical liberal school.They didn’t have the money to properly maintain buildings that KILLED innocent Americans, but find cash to handout to illegals.I will never patronize Mizzou games or buy Mizzou merchandise.Let them put up a concession stand at the border!

  • alex

    Our hard earned money going to illegals you have got to be kidding me. We should be sending them back home with there parents.If you want to come here do it legally

  • Ace Baily

    this is just another method to secure voters to keep these pols and their lackeys in power. give the illegals more rights than the rest of us that were born here, stick it to the ratepayer again. throw in a crop of judges that write law rather than interpret it, and the illegals are on their way .nothing to stop them.

  • Tom Hayes

    The A+ program in Missouri should be for all tax paying citizen families with children in any school, whether public or private. Illegals should not get any benefits!

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