Missouri executes man accused of killing 3 people

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BONNE TERRE, Mo. (AP) _ A former methamphetamine dealer has been executed for killing three people in rural northern Missouri.

Fifty-four-year-old John Middleton was put to death Wednesday in the sixth execution in Missouri this year. Only Florida and Texas, with seven each, have performed more.

Middleton was convicted of killing Randy “Happy” Hamilton, Stacey Hodge and Alfred Pinegar in 1995. Authorities say he killed the three out of fear that they would report his drug activity to police.

His girlfriend is serving life in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in all three cases.

Middleton’s attorneys claimed hewas innocent, citing a new witness who came forward in February saying that rival meth dealers, not Middleton, were responsible for the killings. They also claimed he was mentally ill.


  • Bill Hitchcock

    They need to do this STL. All these young Black males getting shot down in cold blood and none of the accused get the DP. Black jury folks come on! Make these killers PAY the ultimate price!

  • rose

    The additional hours, (17 or 18) he had to think, about not knowing for sure, was his real torment.

    • justin

      And where is North City located? I did not know there was a city called ‘North City’ in Missouri. When was it created?

  • Thomas

    He was NOT “accused” of killing 3 people.
    That is incorrect. He was found GUILTY of killing 3 people. He had a fair trial. He killed 3 people, “beyond a shadow of a doubt”, and now he duly paid for it. That is JUSTICE.
    The State (The People) should never execute a person on an “accusation”. That would be an injustice.
    Sloppy choice of politically correct weepy heart PC wording in the headline ! Biased reporting.

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