St. Louis parks director wants festival banned

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Art Hill in Forest Park ~ Oct. 12, 2012

ST. LOUIS (AP) _ The St. Louis parks director wants to ban a national soul food festival from returning because he says it trashed city land.

Parks Director Gary Bess calls the Kinfolks Soul Food Festival a disaster. The Saturday event drew a crowd of about 2,000 to the Art Hill park for food and music.

Bess says festival promoters violated their permit by playing music too loudly and staying open too late. He says attendees left behind large amounts of cardboard boxes, plastic cups and food trays.

The festival promoter tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch  that the company made mistakes but isn’t solely to blame. The Oklahoma-based festival is next scheduled for Saturday in Nashville.
Information from: St. Louis Post-Dispatch,


  • Cit Riverview

    We all know that black people can’t control themselves in public. LOL. Their actions while in public is driven by one though,Being discovered by some Rap group or the males hoping that they can get with some females. LOL.
    I can attest to this,,I’ve been in areas where I was the minority, and the behavior of the majority was reprehensible, Annie Malone Parade. also see any High school with the majority of the students are black. So I can understand why Parks Director Gary Bess wants to cancel this event. I do have a suggestion: Try O’Fallon Park,perfect to act out and the neighbors wont care, because most of them will be right in there with them.

  • Matt Flint

    The company I work for had their annual event at Six Flags, and rented out a picnic pavillion. By the nature of the event, employees could purchase as many tickets as they wanted, including some for friends and relatives. When we arrived at the picnic pavillion, the place was trashed, with uneaten chicken, chicken bones, ice cream, soda, used plates, napkins, and cups all over the floor, everywhere, even though there were ample trash cans. I don’t know why people act that way, but was noted that the crowd was 80% black.

  • Capricorncutie

    This is not about trash being left behind, this is about a group of individuals ignorance, concert and festival goers get unruly, they litter and they’re loud, Forest Park has been hosting Twilight Tuesdays for a couple of years now, no complaints, just hosted the VP Fair, no complaints, and it was way more people at these events than the Soul Food Festival, Forest Park has even signed on to host the Loufest in September, which will probably bring even more people than the other events have, I guess if its massive piles of trash after those two days of partying they’ll blame it on the ones who came to see Outkast. How about working on a solution for next time instead of banning it, because when you ban people from anything you just make them want it more, then you’ll have a problem bigger problem than trash.

  • Capricorncutie

    There’s a lot of people in different races that can’t control themselves, taking it out on the whole race is ignorant and serves no purpose, it just keeps the hate flowing.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Hood rats acting like hood rats.KMOV had video footage of the horrid conditions left behind.I would absolutely ban them and tell those thugs that they should have used the race card to scoop up the TONS of trash they left behind.

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