Watch Weird Al’s latest video “Foil” – A conspiratorial parody of Lorde’s “Royals”

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Weird Al Yankovic is back for day three of of his music video release marathon.  This time he has a video called “Foil.”  The video is a parody of “Royals” by the Australian artist Lorde.  The topic of his song is the silver shiny stuff that you can wrap your leftovers in or wear on your head.

Check out the chorus from the end of the song:

And soon you’ve got black helicopters comin’ cross the border
Puppet masters for the New World Order
Be aware: there’s always someone that’s watching you
And still the government won’t admit they faked the whole moon landing
Thought control rays, psychotronic scanning
Don’t mind that, I’m protected cause I made this hat

College Humor partnered with Yankovic to create this music video for his new album, “Mandatory Fun.” The video also features actors Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, and Robert Ben Garant.

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