Mother says toddler’s accident at Dollar General lead to humiliation on Facebook

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HOLT, MO – A Missouri mother says she’s never going back to Dollar General after she says a store employee humiliated her 2-year-old daughter in a Facebook Post.

The incident happened on Monday.  According to, Samantha Sargent has potty-trained her daughter Railyn, but the tot had an accident while in Dollar General.  That’s when Sargent says she bought the child clean underwear.

But that’s when she says a store employee told her the toddler was not dressed properly and was rude to them.

She went back to the store later to complain, but soon found out the store manager had posted to Facebook asking, “Who thinks it’s ok to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and a t-shirt?”

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    • Susan Cange

      i went to the dollar general a couple of yrs ago and i am disabled and have to be in a wheel chair and someone bumped into me and i tried to get out of the way and she tried to pick a fight with me and headed out of the store and they told me they arent responsible for how ppl act toward anyone such of this nature.

  • Defan

    People need to leave kids alone unless in case of abuse the dollar general employee went over the line

  • rocky

    Not saying what the store did was right at all, but with all the perverse child molesters in the world, I don’t condone the mother, she should of bought a cheap shorts or something to put on I know they have clearance racks, or better yet do like I did and carry an extra change in a zip lock in my purse or a diaper bag…if potty training that’s common sense

  • Laura Burnett Gramenz

    There have been grown women in our local Wal Mart wearing only a shirt and underwear (and sometimes not even that) and store employees never said anything, even after being mooned. This manager was out of line. The child couldn’t be left in the car in this weather and couldn’t help having an accident. Dollar General stores don’t have a public bathroom for the girl to wait in, either. I’m not sure I’d have gone to the news with this, but I’d have for sure blasted this rude manager on Facebook to all who would listen.

  • cissie

    I don’t think the store employee was rigiht in how he/she handed this issue but was totally wrong in putting this on facebook. On the other hand, the mom should have bought the little girl a pair of shorts or little dress or better yet,when you have a toddler pack extra clothes in your handbag..newly trained toddlers will have accidents. The other thing, mom should just ignore this and go on… the salesperson could have just taken the mother aside and told her that the child needed more clothing on but who hasn’t seen little tykes, in the summer roaming around in little undies..I think they should be dressed when taking them out but this never should have been put to a question at all.


  • Tiffany

    My kids and I were just in the store with my 2 yr old in a diaper and a shirt cause we went swimming and he had am accident on the way to the store. I really wish someone would have given me the pleasure of saying one thing to me about it cause I would have laid into them and MADE SURE their job was history! Kids are kids and things happen! Yes there are pervs out there but with a diaper and a shirt on its covering everything the freaks get off on! This is just sad

  • Kelly

    Really? The 2 year old was humiliated? How much time does that 2 yr old spend on Facebook? I’m quite certain the kid didn’t care one bit, and mom is just looking for attention of money.

    • Pat

      The mother said SHE was humiliated, not her two-year-old daughter. The employee was out of line by saying ANYTHING to the mother regarding the child’s clothing. She compounded her mistake by POSTING on Facebook. I’m sure the mom learned a lesson – that she needs to carry spare clothes in a zip lock baggie for emergencies. Good to know the Dollar General employees will receive much needed training on customer service and satisfaction. Compassion for others & professionalism are important traits! All the “book-learnin & experience” mean nothing without those attributes. The Mom should receive a personal, heartfelt apology (it appears that someone DID apologize to her. Good job, mom.

  • dave

    Who really cares. Did the employee humiliate her by posting the ladies name or the kids name or post a picture of the child. Something that wasn’t that big of a deal was blown up and people cry about it. People are just to dumb and sensitive.

    • Pat

      The employees will receive much needed training as a result of this mom bringing the incident to their attention. It was worth the effort on the mom’s part.

  • j

    I think that people need to get a life. It wasn’t a 12 year old girl half dressed.. And like someone metioned there r grown adults that wear less… Wow what kind of person bullies a little kid on fb. Ewww.

  • Michelle

    I personally think this was blown out of proportion. But if a kid is under the age of 5 who cares, they have accidents n get messy who cares if they aren’t dressed to societies standards.

  • Heather Schildroth

    First of all…how was the little girl “humiliated”?? Was her name mentioned in the post? Was a picture of her posted? Probably not.
    With that being said, I work in a similar store (DG’s competition) and I would never ever post something about a customer on my FB page that could potentially hurt them or cost me my job.

  • Sissy

    I see that sometimes in a public place that a tot is wearing a shirt and underwear . And that worng what the employee did at dollar gernal did

  • Tricia

    I know I personally carry at least TWO changes of clothes when I’m out with my potty training son. Accidents happen!

  • Lainey Lou

    How did the mother see the post anyway if it was on the woman’s personal FB page?

    I agree, I think kids shouldn’t be in public without pants. No shirt, no shoes, no service. It is a public place after all. I wouldn’t want my kid walking around in their underwear.

    I don’t think the employee should have posted about it but she didn’t mention any names and I hope to god she didn’t take a picture. Who knows it was even about her?? Quit being so sensitive

  • Sharyn

    Accidents happen for toddlers. Personally I would let it go or ask for her supervisors contact info and complain. Be sure you screen shot the post as it can be deleted.

  • Ken

    The Dollar General employee is an ignorant busy body. That being said, I can’t imagine how this place stays in business anyway. They carry the same items available elsewhere at lower cost, without the crowded, junky stores and attitude riddled employees.

    As for all the underwear commenters, the perversion is in your own mind, get over yourselves and shame on you for scolding the mother.

    • Ken

      Congratulations GONE, you are another low comprehension twit. The article states that the child HAD BEEN potty-trained, past tense, apparently beyond the diapering stage.

      Go back to fishing GONE, you can be your own worm.

  • L H

    The mother should have diapered her daughter before they went shopping and brought a spare or two. However, the employee was rude and should be terminated for posting the incident on Facebook. To those people who associate sensitivity with stupidity, being a baby or being a whiner, I can almost guarantee that you would have been jumping up and down and screaming your heads off at the store employee, and then abuse your child because YOU didn’t think to diaper her or him and bring a spare along.

  • Kayla Edwards

    I live in Illinois went to dollar General my son had to go to the bathroom he was crying cause he was about to pee his pants two women working there seen it i asked if he could use the bathroom they looked at him crying looked at me and said no they don’t have a bathroom take him next door. No business doesn’t have a bathroom. They could have let a child use their bathroom. I sat all my stuff on the counter said I’m not buying anything from your store took him next door to subway where they let him use the bathroom. I was beyond mad

  • Jimbo

    Reading the post by the Dollar General employee, he/she didn’t say anything bad or humiliating, he/she simply asked a question. NO ONE knew who the person he/she was talking about until she reported it to the media. Maybe a better question is, why was she stalking this employee’s facebook page?

  • JustSaying

    Maybe she can get promoted and work at Walmart, the stuff she see’s there will be on facebook all year. LOL.

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