Tim Ezell’s final day at FOX 2

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(KTVI) - Today is Tim Ezell's final day at FOX 2 and a huge going away party was held all morning long.   #WeHeartTim





  • janice tainter

    I hate to see Tim go, he is the reason I started watching channel 2 news, he brought some fun to the news program, something uplifting. I will continue to watch though because I came to like the other newscasters as well. We’ll miss u Tim, good luck wherever u go!

  • Tina Marie

    Will be sad to see him go. He is the reason my son started watching the news when he was 10. Tim made it interesting for a lit of young children. Thank You Tim

  • Anita

    HE IS A BLESS PERSON AND HE WILL BE MISS. The things you did help me go through breast cancer with a smile and laughter you touch many hearts.♡♥♡

  • Tina Callico

    #WE HEART TIM EZELL!!!!! Tim you were the reason I got up early every morning, I used to sleeping my days away but not anymore, I get up every morning between 7 & 7:45 that way by the time it was your turn to take over the newsroom I’ll be wide awake ready for some laughs and now I automatically get up that early to not only enjoy the 9 AM with you but to also enjoy more beautiful days and now I don’t let any days pass by me except for rainy days, rain makes me lazy, lol..

    I really wish you the BESTEST of LUCK on your new journey, I really wish you weren’t leaving FOX2, cause now my mornings are going to be boring when I watch the news, just NOT going to be the same without you BUT I know the Lord needs you in his house and with that in my mind even though I’m sad cause I’m going to miss you, I’m also happy that the Lord has put you on his wanted list to help spread his word, all I ask is that YOU SHOW UP EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE ON FOX2..

    I think FOX2 crew should do a skit on you about your journey so all your fans who Love you won’t so hurt like we are now due to you leaving us. Love You Tim

  • Kathy Teer

    Soooo looking forward to Kim on the 9:00 am. Tim has been great and will be missed. Kim should not be expected to carry April the same as Tim did. She realllllllly needs to go to give the show a chance.

  • Brittany

    Shout out to Tim! You revolutionalized the morning news by adding goofines & fun. Truly an innovator. Thank you for not being afraid to be yourself. Best wishes for your future endeavors 😊

  • Rhonda Bishop

    #WEHEARTTIM! I’m gonna miss watching you, but I understand that it’s time for the next phase in your life. May God continue to bless and keep you and your family.

  • Monica W

    I love Tim, he is the reason I watched the news in the morning. I admit I would be late for work some mornings because I was tryin to see what Tim would do next. GOD BLESS YOU TIM!!!

  • Linda Maynard

    Tim, you livened up and lightened up the morning news Sometimes your antics didn’t fly, sometimes they gave me a hearty laugh, and ALL the time you made my day start out with a smile and a little bi of love. I think you will be an excellent pastor, and I may just have to take a drive to your church and check you out! God bless you, your family and your new chapter serving the Lord! Now I have to go and wipe off these tears and get back to work! xo Linda

  • ruth stirrat

    Tim, The best of luck to you and your family in your new adventure. Channel 2 will not be the same. The person that said he changes at 9 does not know the real thing in live. Is narrow minded. Someday he may need people. You have a good sense of humor and the need of people. You know how to handle people’s needs. God does have a plan for you and I am happy for you. You will not know how to sleep in, in the mornings. April is sure going to miss you. You need to find her and life friend and down the road lead her to the altar. She will really miss you and the same for you I know. Best of luck and again we will miss you.

  • SK

    Baby Come Back.. You Can Blame It All On Me….Favorite Tim Morning,, waking up to see him running through a wedding on top of the tables in a wedding gown,,with black steel toe boots on…What a great man he is..

  • Therese Christensen

    Tim E. was the reason many people watched Fox2 morning…what a wonderful human and all around funny guy! You should make quite a minister..it goes to prove that God does have a sense of humor! He is putting a funny, kind, warmhearted individual at the pulpit. You have touched everyone’s hearts in so many ways. The news will not be the same without you. Thank you sincerely for all the wonderful memories!

  • Theresa

    Tim you are the reason I watch channel 2 I wish the best for you and your family. Good bless you I hope to see you on my tv soon Thank you for all the laughs you are the best. Theresa


  • Fran

    Please tell me where Tim is going? I moved to Raleigh, NC but follow on live-streaming when I can. thank you!

    • jgibson233

      Tim Ezell is headed to be one of the pastors at Journey Church South County full-time. He already was a part-time pastor since 2013. Kim Hudson was named as his 9AM replacement. And effective Monday 08.04.2014, Lisa Hart will take over the 4am/primary substitute anchor role that Hudson vacated, a role that frankly should’ve been returned to Angie Mock.

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