University City to accept Normandy students

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UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (AP) _ The University City School District has decided it will accept transfer students from the Normandy district.

The school board voted Thursday night to reverse an earlier decision to reject the Normandy students. Eighty students who had transferred from Normandy last year would have been forced to leave the district but Thursday’s vote means they will be allowed to re-enroll.

On July 1, the Missouri Board of Education restarted the Normandy School District under state oversight and gave it no accreditation status, meaning it was no longer considered unaccredited. It’s now called the Normandy Schools Collaborative.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports ( ) University City board members were conflicted about their decision to reject the Normandy students. Their concerns included the financial implications and disrupting the lives of the Normandy students again.
Information from: St. Louis Post-Dispatch,


  • Cit Riverview

    The U-City school district has sign its Death Knoll by letting these kids into its system.. It might have been able to stay afloat for maybe 5 more years before it become unaccredited. My prediction, the school year of 2017 they will be taken over by the state.More and More Whites will flee the area and it will become a ghetto. Those Businessmen/women along Delmar will try to hang on but Blue Berry Hill among others will be Like Gaslite Square,JUST A MEMORY.

  • OFR

    The above comments are very sad and ignorant. It shows how racist and segregated the city of St. Louis is. I have always believed that St. Louis is a city of haves and have nots. Unfortunately the have nots are almost always the African-Americans in the city. I feel sorry for the children that are attending the Normandy School System. It is unfair to them to be treated as if they are unwanted simply because of the color of their skin, or their socioeconomic backgrounds. A chance at an excellent education should be a right for everyone. I am a proud product of the Normandy School System, graduating with the class of 1984. I went on the graduate from Saint Louis University, earning a B.A. in 1989. Years later I was blessed to be able to attend medical school, were I received my MD degree. I happen to be african-american, and I can empathize with the plight/struggle of the young adults attending the Normandy School district. Rather than mocking and stereotyping them, why not offer POSITIVE suggestions that may contribute to helping the situation. Or even better, why not keep your opinion to your self if it is going to be NEGATIVE.

    • Cit Riverview

      Luck you that you had a Parent/s that instilled into you, the notion that an education is the only way out of the Ghetto. What most of us on these blogs state are the facts about a culture from which you say you come from, that refuses to take a hard look at its failure as a group and take the EZ road to blame others for their inability to seceded in a society that gives them preferential treatment because of the color of their skin. Every child in Normandy or Riverview Gardens or St. Louis city school district can excel as you say you’ve done. So, if they don’t, then who’s to blame? The tax payers that fund their failures in Billions since desg of the schools Brown VS Board of Education or maybe the civil rights of the Johnston admin, you pick when the failure started. But Please don’t come here with your Holier than thou attitude.

    • rose

      OFR, You graduated 30 years ago, that is 2 generations for some of these kids. They have a totally different upbringing and attitude than you had.

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