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Bodies from Malaysia Airlines crash heading to Amsterdam

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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (CNN) — A mother who lost her son and his girlfriend in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash has appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to help bring their bodies home to the Netherlands.

Silena Frederiks’ son, Brice, 23, and his girlfriend Daisy Oehlers were on their way to Bali when the plane was downed in war-torn eastern Ukraine.

Frederiks had bought the “beautiful young couple” their tickets for a holiday after the death of Oehlers’ mother 2½ months ago.

“I paid their tickets to give them four weeks holiday to find their happiness again,” she said.

The couple were among the 193 Dutch citizens on Flight 17 when it crashed Thursday, killing all 298 aboard.

Frederiks visited a makeshift memorial at Amsterdam’s Schipohl Airport with her family to place flowers — just meters from where her son and his girlfriend checked in for their flight.

Supported by family members, Frederiks, sometimes in tears, described searching through grisly photos on social media in an effort to find her son.

“I saw pictures on Facebook of bodies. Complete bodies. I had to look at it because maybe my son was on the picture,” she said.

But Frederiks couldn’t find him. Pro-Russian rebels have been in control of the crash site, and there have been reports that thieves have been picking over the bodies of victims.

Governments from around the world have expressed outrage at the disorderly situation at the site and called on Russia’s Putin to use his influence on the rebels.

Frederiks said she was aware of the reports of looting and just wanted the bodies of her son and Oehlers returned so that they could be buried.

“Mr. Putin must take care of my son and my daughter to bring them home. I can do nothing but wait for bodies,” she said.

“They can have everything, but the bodies have to come back. Take their iPhones, take their money, take everything.”

Frederiks said the young couple needed to be united in death.

“I want to put my son and his girlfriend, Brice and Daisy together, together again. Here. They have to be buried together,” she said.

“They died together. They loved each other. They have to be together forever.”

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