Driver arrested for the third time in 8 years for DWI

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KTVI) – A St. Louis woman is facing drunk driving charges for the third time in eight years.

St. Louis County Police say an officer found Jessica Rohlfing-Guzman asleep behind the wheel of her car at the intersection of Lemay Ferry and Adelia in south St. Louis County.

The officer says she smelled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test.

Guzman was convicted in 2009 for driving while intoxicated.


  • TheREALByeBye2TheHypocriteMoralRITE

    Only three times? I’m sure there are many far worse than that. I wonder why they’re picking on this gal?

    Meanwhile, how’s good ol’ Mr. Rosenblum doing on his DWI he got when he CRASHED into somebody else? I’m guessing because he’s an inferior rich privileged turd, it’s already been thrown out. The cops who arrested him are probably in jail. We should worry more about human trash like that than folks like this. Although I guess this gal could have caused an accident had she woke up!

    Why do I still feel three times in 8 years is not NEARLY as many as some people, though? Does the far right have it in for this gal or something?

  • Steven Sweeney

    She’s a saint compared to the Kennedy scum.Teddy killed his pregnant mistress,cousin Skakel killed that teen girl with a golf club,and even Joan Kennedy had a few DWIs. They all got away with it too.Just like the liberal Du pont heir who exploited his own daughter.Biden’s son beau, (Delaware DA) made sure of it.Liberals are all scum.

  • Ace Baily

    refresh some memory here. thomas carnahan, son of the guv, had no less than 5 dwi,s, all quietly swept under the rug, only after a reporter looked into this little tid bit and raised the question of why was any token action taken against him. dwis have no party affiliation, just that some that are connected to pols walk. the far right as referred to by the first comment is no different than the far left and everyone in between when it comes to driving while knows no affiliation what so ever

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