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Husband details wife’s bedroom rejection in a spreadsheet – she posts it online

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What would you do if your husband or wife handed you a spreadsheet detailing your sex life? One woman posted it to Reddit. She wrote, “My husband [M26] sent me [F26] an immature, inflammatory email as I was driving to the airport for a 10-day work trip,” she posted on the site. “Now he has cut contact.”

She then posted a chart attached to the e-mail to the subreddit “relationships.” She goes on to write, “Our sex life HAS tapered in the last few months, but isn’t that allowed? We are adults leading busy, stressful lives. I cook for him, I do his laundry, I keep our house clean and tidy. It’s not like our sex life was going to be this way FOREVER, it was a temporary slow-down due to extenuating circumstances.”

According to the spreadsheet, the man tried to initiate sex every day from June 3 to July 16 — and succeeded three times.

The post went viral on the social network. After more than 500 comments were made, the post was locked.

You can real more of the comments on Reddit. Beware – some of the content is not appropriate for younger readers.


  • LaL

    That woman needs to read Dr. Laura’s book “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” bcz she doesn’t have a clue about men!
    From a married 22 years woman

    • married 27 years

      Keeping track of anything a spouse does or doesn’t do is not a good productive way to strengthen any relationship. He should be spending time talking to his wife instead making spreadsheets about what she doesn’t do for him. I’m sure anyone is us could have a laundry lists about our spouses. I’m sure Dr. Laura would agree. We are not here just to service our husbands.

      • married 27 years

        By the way my hubby and I enjoy each other as often as possible. Thankfully, we make that time for each other at least 3 to 4 times a week. We have even made new years resolutions to be physical with each other every single day of the year. It is a great way to strengthen our marriage and confidence in each other.

  • StaciaB

    While he did make a spreadsheet to send to her via e-mail, please note that SHE is the one who posted it on Reddit for all & sundry to see and comment on. While it may have been a slap in the face to get this in any form, making it public certainly didn’t improve the situation. I hope they learn to communicate with each other better if they plan to keep the marriage.

  • Dutchy57

    I’d immediately quit the relationship. The guy is immature, childish and still believes that he can own (?!!!) someone else. Get your diaper changed kiddo, and go play outside!

  • Kim

    Although I agree that women aren’t property to be owned. She still doesn’t seem to be making any kind of effort to please him in any way. I think she is very selfish especially since some of the excuses weren’t even good ones.

  • Really?

    This kills me! “She’s cheating!” “She’s gone cold!” Really? It doesn’t say one way or another, but I’m willing to bet her husband’s idea of foreplay is something along the lines of, “Honey, you wanna?” Being just a couple of years older than this woman, I can honestly say that I would be “cold” too. Men and women both need to realize you don’t stop dating each other after you sign a marriage license. Maybe he needs to wine and dine her to get her in the mood instead of logging every rejection.

  • amanda

    I am 46 yrs old and want it at least 3-4 times a week! And actually I would have done the same thing if I would have thought about it..with my EX husband!

  • Bec

    Reasons to not do the dirty deed…
    1. You’re self-conscience about how you look
    2. You’re cheating or think your spouse is cheating
    3. I can’t think of anything else
    Enjoy doing the deed while you can!

  • Fed Up With Liberals

    I can’t believe Fox2 even wasted the time on this frivolous nonsense…..what happens in someone’s bedroom is none of anybody’s business!

  • jenweide

    I can’t BELIEVE how many people think that this is only a problem for men. My Ex husband refused me sex for 3 goddamn years. IF I had chronicled his reasons, they would PALE in comparison to this spreadsheet. “I’m playing a game online with six other guys, I can’t leave the mission.” I tried to get him to counseling, he refused. I tried dressing up like a hooker…no dice. I accused him of cheating, which is laughable, because he spent all of his time at home, not doing dishes, not doing laundry, not making dinner. When I finally filed for divorce, he lost it. Additionally, any therapist worth their salt will tell you that keeping a “scorecard” is certain death in a relationship. Good luck saving your marriage to a selfish child, lady. I feel for you, even if my shoe was on the other foot.

  • whocindylu

    It is silly spending time blaming…it’s his fault…it’s her fault.. If they want a lasting relationship they both need to step up. In any good business you must have facts to support your problems. A spreadsheet though unorthodox can get the point across. I’m sure he used it as a weapon of blame, not too smart. He should have used it as a way to improve his insolvent and then log what works and what didn’t. Flowers….great success, love note etc. Plus ready The book “The five languages of love” would really support his position of loving change.

  • Les

    It seems that half her excuses were because she felt yucky. Perhaps thats the real issue: She’s just plain yucky and full of low self esteem and its preventing her from being intimate.

  • defygravity

    I think she sums it up with “I cook for him, I do his laundry, I keep our house clean and tidy.” Many people don’t realize that what happens all day long affects the mood at night (or anytime). If he picks up some responsibility for housework, maybe she will feel less gross and tired.

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