Defibrillator saves St. Ann detective’s life

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(KTVI)-- A defibrillator was used to save a St. Ann detective’s life.

But if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of a couple of Dave Campos’ colleagues who knew how to use the device, he wouldn’t be here today.

At around one o clock Wednesday, Campos was in the break room. According to Detective Jason West, he felt shooting pain in chest. He went to grab heart burn medicine in the cabinet and hit the ground.

One of the detectives did a sternum rub to no avail then one of the officers started CPR.

Finally, one of the detectives ran down the hall to the jail and got a defibrillator.

After the machine administered the shock, Campos, according to West, shot 6 inches into the air, but West could see the life come back to him and he started to blink his eyes.

Campos is being held another night at the De Paul Health Center and is expected to be ok.  This experience has prompted the St. Ann police chief to order four new defibrillators and is installing one in the break room where the incident happened, workout room, court room, and pool area.

He would like to see other organizations and agencies do the same.