County police officer accused of beating man on Metrolink platform

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A St. Louis police officer is accused of beating a 24-year-old man on a Metrolink last April. Officer Dawon Gore, 44, now faces assault charges from the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Investigators believe the incident was outside the scope of law enforcement.

Gore was assigned to the Metrolink Unit on April 25th 2014. The St. Louis County Police Department’s Bureau of Crimes Against Persons says he got into an argument with a 24-year-old man on the Metrolink platform located at 4300 Hanley Road. Investigators say Gore used a expandable baton to strike the suspects hand. They say the weapon was used primarily as a method of assault, not law enforcement.

Gore has been with the St. Louis County Police Department for 13 years. He was assigned with the Metrolink unit from May 2012-April 2014.



  • Jeffrey Brown

    I’m pretty sure the young man in question is a fine, upstanding guy. Why else would he be in a confrontation with the police.

      • Krystal

        When calling people an “idiot” at least use proper English. Im sure you most likely have no clue what I’m talking about, so here are a few examples of the word you used.

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        Proper use of the word “your”:

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        I hope you enjoy “your” day as well.

  • stlrockhound

    Poke a cop in the chest with your finger and you go to jail for assaulting a police officer. Say the wrong word and get thumped with a metal baton. Really? people are going to defend the cop? The worst bullying possible is from a person in a power position.

  • Angel_Baby_86

    For so many people that have so much negative things to say. Just to shut you all up. The story is just what they said it was. He was looking for his girlfriend. That officer had no reason for doing what he did. They are suppose to serve and protect. And to all the immature people with nothing good to say “God dose not like Ugly” and “Everyone gets what they put out”….. Any thing else.

  • tired of the racist comments

    its always the same racist fools commenting everyday on this site it’s very obvious that they have no life. No one wants to see your racists comments. get a life or try commenting on something positive.

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