Boy, 13, dies in Missouri dirt bike accident

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PARK HILLS, Mo. (AP) _ An eastern Missouri boy has died following a collision of two dirt bikes at a state park in St. Francois County.

Thirteen-year-old Chance Harris of St. Peters died in the accident Sunday. The Missouri State Highway Patrol says Chance was riding at St. Joe State Park when the front of his dirt bike struck the front of a bike driven by 39-year-old Mahres Driver, also of St. Peters.

Chance was taken to a Farmington hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later. Driver was airlifted to a suburban St. Louis hospital, where he is in serious condition.


  • Jessica

    they were wearing safety gear the boy was wearing a thousand dollars worth of safety gear how dare you take your dumbass off the bridge, keep your comments to yourself get a life

  • Jessica

    first and foremost it was his father and him who hit his head on the boy lost his life at 13 years old, rudeness is not necessary to clean his father is hanging on for his life, and still has no clue his son is dead. you people need to get compassion in this world again. go to site and donate a few dollars and help them bury their son!!!!

  • Michael

    Chanse* spell the name right. Chanse was a great friend and a very serious and CAREFUL bike rider. when i heard he died, i couldnt believe it. someone please start a fundraiser for his family. medical bills along with all the other bills are stacking up fast. i am only 13 so someone please help Chanse’s family get through this devastating time.

    • Taylor

      I was a friend too Michael and it was hard for me too and I still just can’t take it and he will be remembered

  • Black Girl

    Micheal, you are a very sweet little boy…. I love your cry for help for your friends family! How can I donate little man? I will make a donation because, YOU ASKED! Don’t stop being COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO ASK FOR WHAT IS NEEDED!!

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