CUTE ALERT: Baby and pit bull pup are best friends

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(KTVI) – This 10-week-old baby girl and this 8-week-old pit bull puppy are the best of friends. And now their cute Instagram pictures are taking the internet by storm!

According to the Huffington Post, Eisleigh and Clyde live in North Carolina with her parents.

Check out their awesome Instagram pics.


    • Karen

      What for like a month and then it nipped you or a child because it’s a puppy and you got rid of it .. Man or Woman up Kelly mistreating is mistreating whether it be a Man or an Animal they turn out bad when neglected Most of the time … but Most Not All can be brought back to Love again

  • Ry Guy

    Kelly, I hope you are being sarcastic because, if not, YOU are the idiot, not these parents. I would venture to say there is a lot more to your “my pit attacked my kid for absolutely no reason” story. You are the reason why these dogs get a terrible reputation. ANY dog can be aggressive in the right circumstance. It’s about the owners and the environment they are raised in and exposed to, not the breed.


    You know that pitbull is going to maul that poor child when it gets bigger and more savage! Idiot parents!

    • Christine Jaudes

      Please do some research on Pitbulls (Staffordshire Terriers) before you judge and stereotype the breed. Any pet is only as good as the owner. Just like children are a reflection of their parents.

    • Shane

      Kelly you are an idiot, dogs are creature of habit if they see their masters fight or get aggressive then they have the chance of have that classical conditioning phase of their learning. Kelly get educated your stupid

  • Eric

    Anyone spouting nonsense about pitbulls being agressive or going to maul this kid is just putting their stupid out there for everyone to see. I’ve owned pits for 13 years. They slept with my kids from the time they were babies. You know what dogs I’ve been bitten by? Schnauzers, Cocker Spaniels, and Chihuahuas, To make blanket statements like that proves your intellect is lacking. By your logic, Black people are inherently dangerous, and will car jack you or sell you crack-cocaine before they murder you. “Do your research.”

  • lisa

    I think this is the cutest thing i have ever seen these two are going to have a bond no one can break …..♡♥♥♡

  • NoNameNeeded

    Any dog can attack and kill, not just pit bulls, and if you know this family or follow them then you would know (after doing your research) that they already own a full grown pit bull. Like a child, an animal is going to act as they are treated and raised.

  • Elizabeth

    Wow Kelly. Stereotype much? I’m sorry for your son, but it sounds like there were other issues in your household. Too many people have dogs and don’t take the time to train and/or socialize them. Any dog or pet in the WRONG hands has the potential to be aggressive, no matter the breed.

  • Jake

    Are people this idiotic to put something so dangerous next to a……. pit bull! Baby farts are deadly!

  • Christina

    These pictures are adorable…..that should be the only type of comments that are being made. Dont ruin a positive news story, we get very few these days!

  • mommy

    Growing up we had a yellow lab. We raised him from a puppy. His name was Charlie. He was raised with three rambunctious kids. When he was around sevenr years old we moved 1400 miles away. Shortly (within minutes) of arriving hee bit a young girl on the face. She was petting him while he ate. The next year he bit a little boy. I’m just sharing this to show that any dog can become aggressive. Charlie was a great dog and went to limbs on a farm with No children.

  • Fed Up With Liberals

    Here’s what I found when I did “my” research…….
    “Pit bull terriers and rottweilers….research shows that during the 9-year period from 2005 to 2013, these two breeds accounted for 74% of the total recorded fatal attacks.1 By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2013, a report by Animal People shows that pit bulls (275) and rottweilers (85) and their mixes contributed to 67% of the total recorded fatal attacks (539).2
    It is important to point out that fatal dog attacks committed by pit bulls and their mixes more than doubles the attacks inflicted by rottweilers. It is well documented by experts3 and humane groups4 that pit bulls pose a substantial danger due to their selective breeding for dogfighting. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack (surprise attacks); possess a lethal bite style (hold and shake) and a ruinous manner of attack (gameness).”

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