Touching message left to wife before plane crashes into beach killing father and injuring daughter

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A Georgia man was killed and his daughter critically injured Sunday when an airplane struck them as they walked along a Florida beach. Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Wendy Rose said Venice Municipal Airport officials reported a plane in distress Sunday afternoon.

The pilot of a 1972 Piper Cherokee radioed that he would be unable to make it back to the airport and that he was instead going to attempt a landing on Caspersen Beach, located just to the south. The plane landed and struck Ommy Irizarry, 36, and his daughter, Oceana, 9, about 2:45 p.m., according to a statement from the Federal Aviation Administration. rizarry died on the scene. His daughter was airlifted to All Children’s Hospital and is believed to be in critical condition, according to the sheriff’s office.

According to BuzzFeed he left this message about how much he loves his wife before he died:

“The dad looked very bad,” witness Zack Arceneaux told Bay News 9. “They were performing CPR on him. He had blood on his face. It looked like he wasn’t breathing at all.”

The pilot, Karl Kokomoor and his passenger, David Theen, were uninjured. Both are from Englewood, Florida.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA are investigating.


Irizarry also posted this pic to Facebook.  It says, “I love mom and dad.”  The message appears to be written by a child.

Joe Sutton contributed to this report


  • TheREALByeBye2TheDangerousRITE

    So rich turd and lame excuse for a human being Karl couldn’t have avoided that? Couldn’t have maybe taken his OWN risk for your risk-taking flying and landed somewhere with no people, even if it meant he may get hurt himself? Ah, just another selfish rich turd in America – so what else is new?

    But thank goodness nothing happened bad to the rich turd! Probably worked HARD – GOSH DERN HARD – for his money! Whew! The guy walking along the beach may have just been an average working American, so who cares about them, eh?

    Oh, well – time for an “income re-distribution”. Time for the man’s family to sue, sue sue and transfer some of that wealth from the pilot’s greedy pockets to the victims. After all, unlike with most rich people, the victims actually earned it now.

    • Buck O'Famagh

      That was satire, right? Otherwise, you are severely brain damaged. Rich turd? Greedy? You know the pilot? You know anything about him? You know anything about aircraft or piloting one? What if the guy on the beach was a billionaire? Then with your logic he deserved to get killed. Right? You are the perfect Obungler voter. You know absolutely nothing and will believe just about anything. You might make a good target changer at the rifle range…during live fire.


        Hey, my response to DumbBuck was removed! I wonder why? Seems Fox defends every poster who makes threatening suggestions about their big guns and their little brains.

        All I suggested was it’d be fun for his concealed gun to “accidently” go off in his pocket, hitting him in his buttocks and damaging his brain. Loves guns, hates Obama. There are ALL KINDS of ASSumptions one can make about somebody like that without knowing them!

    • Elizabeth

      Someone’s bitter. Maybe if you got off the couch in mommy’s basement, went to school and worked hard you could earn a lot of money too. Sounds like you’re a lazy do-nothing with his hand out. You must have been relieved to learn that welfare is a career choice. Clearly, however, you’re not happy with the pay ; ) Lazy left.

  • Debbie

    Wouldn’t they have heard a plane about to crash? Even if the engine quit, wouldn’t a person on the ground hear a plane coming down?

    • Jack

      What, exactly, would he have heard? A plane with no engine makes no sound. It just falls from the sky, period. Especially when it’s approaching them from behind.

  • Jeff Hall

    Kokomoor the pilot is an Engineer and president of an engineering company. Yet he didn’t have enough sense to realize that people walk and swim at beaches! What a fool and bad pilot.I swam on that beach for 2 years and never saw a plane near.
    He should get at least 5 years in prison to send a message to all the other incompetent pilots out there. Also a audible signalling device must be installed on all aircraft( common sense, huh?)

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