Littering suspect leads police on slow-speed pursuit into north St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A slow speed police pursuit that started in north St. Louis County ended with a crash in the city of St. Louis Tuesday afternoon.

According to  Pine Lawn police, a woman was seen by officers tossing trash from her car on Statford in Jennings.  They attempted to pull the woman over for littering, but she just kept driving away at around 20 mph. At some point, the woman sped up then struck a tree near the intersection of Clinton and Blair in north St. Louis.

She ran off. Police chased after her, eventually tasering her before taking her into custody.


    • Rusty shackleford

      But you don’t live in north st.louis . In north side there are no white people to pick up behind your litter.

  • Scott M

    one topic you never see discussed in the media — why black neighborhoods are strewn with trash?

    I was at a little league football game at City Rec – Kingshighway and Delmar? All of the black kids’ parents and other family members were eating fast food and simply tossing their trash onto the ground – despite trash cans everywhere. The place was completely covered in trash, and a lot of it was blowing onto the football field. I looked around, and you could actually see folks just pushing their trash off the bleachers onto the ground.

    Before the next game, the 13-yo City Rec players, the entire team, each with a large trash bag, swept the place like an army, picking up their parents’, grandparents’. aunts’, and uncles’ trash. They cleaned the entire field and everything around it.

    By the end of the next game, there was as much trash on the ground as there had been a couple hours earlier.

    What is it about black “hood” culture that causes this behavior, not to mention the daily killings?
    I think it’s racism against whites, against society, and “the man”. By disobeying any and every norm of civilized society, they are giving the finger to whitey.

    Nothing will change until we can discuss this openly, honestly.

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