Caught on Tape: Suspects Damage Property In Downtown St. Louis

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DOWNTOWN ST. LOUIS ( KTVI )- Three men are charged with thousands of dollars of property damage . Police say it was hard for the vandals to deny their actions because they were caught  on camera red-handed.  " About $3,000 worth of damage to property in our community improvement district," said Missy Kelley with Downtown Partnership.

The  surveillance video was  released exclusively to our news crew. The suspects walked up and starting kicking , throwing over trash cans , dumping trash out, knocking over planters and pulling out plants and trying to push over a well known statue in Downtown St. Louis. " What many people don't know is that there are hundreds of video cameras throughout downtown St. Louis . There are over 700 cameras that are owned by property owners and they are directed  at public spaces.  Therefore,  when something like this happens .we can look at video file and work with witness testimony" said Missy Kelley.

Police located the male suspects  on Washington west of Tucker. The suspects were  charged with  damaging  35 plants worth over  $400, two planters destroyed  worth $1,500 , 6 hours of labor to clean up and  one overturned trash can.

The cameras help track crime during and after events.  Many of the cameras help alert police of incidents.

The three men are charged with destruction of private property and general peace disturbance and littering .



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