“Get off my roads” – Sunset Hills mayor under investigation after cyclist hit by car

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SUNSET HILLS, MO (KTVI) - A cyclist claims the mayor of Sunset Hills ran his car into him knocking him off his bike on purpose. The mayor claims that's not true and insists the cyclist started it all.  Sunset Hills Police are investigating which has the cyclist's lawyer crying foul.

Randy Murdick has won state-wide cycling races.  Murdick told about what happened Tuesday afternoon, "Literally hit me so hard it knocked the bike out from under me."

Murdick said his achilles tendon was torn, and he was badly bruised plus his $12,000 dollar bike was damaged.

He said he was not far from Old Gravois Road and Kennerly Mayor Mark Furrer pulled up next to him in his red Mercedes and yelled at him.  Murdick said "He kept hollering to get off his road."

He said the mayor swerved into him knocking him off his bike injuring Murdick. Sunset hills police are investigating which does not please Michelle Funkenbusch who is Murdick's attorney.  She said, "It's quite shocking the Sunset Hills Police did not call in a neighbor police station or State Police or St. Louis County Police to help in the investigation of their own mayor." The Sunset Hills Police Chief said the mayor will not receive any special treatment.

Mayor Mark Furrer claimed Murdick's charges are not true.  Furrer said, "It makes me feel sick I'd never in a million years attempt to injure anyone especially with a car." The mayor told a different story about Tuesday afternoon.  He said he spotted Murdick running a stop sign and told Murdick he should have stopped.  Furrer said Murdick unleashed profanities at the mayor, grabbed onto his car and something happened and Murdick fell.  He said he did not try to run him off the road or told him to get off his road.

Murdick's attorney is also an advocate for the safety of cyclists. She said she's heard there may be a protest by cyclists against Sunset Hills this weekend.  Furrer added, "I'm sorry, I hope this gentlemen is fine I did nothing intentional."  Funkenbusch said, it wasn't as if an accident happened this was a crime."
Murdick said because of his injuries he won't be able to compete in races for several weeks. The police report could be ready as early as Friday.


  • Tim Wilson

    Have the Missouri State Highway Patrol do the COMPLETE investigation.
    The Sunset Hills Police Department never should have touched this investigation.

  • Graham Wellington

    To the pos who said they try to see how close they can come to a bicycle, some of us carry guns and we all carry phones. The law says you will give 3 feet when passing a bicycle, so keep it up if you want.

    • Yep

      Well I dont think the car will lose…your one of those bike riders that like to stir the pot…Grow up

  • Resident of Sunset Hills

    Maybe if he made an effort to make his community and roads like Kennerly more bike friendly this would have never happened!

    • Steak

      That makes a lot of sense. Let’s spend millions and millions of taxpayer dollars just so cyclists can ride wherever they want. Great point.

      • Ratbas

        How much have we spent so cars can go wherever they want? At this point all cyclists are asking for is a strip of paint. Then maybe there’ll be more cyclist/less wear on the roads and our system will actually be sustainable (something it isn’t close to being now). Essentially we’re subsidizing the auto industry, but don’t let reality interfere with your insistence on how things shouldn’t change because you’re lazy.

      • Steak

        Let’s be realistic. It would take much more than a “strip of paint” to accommodate the roads just so you can ride your bike free of all of the crazy drivers out there. Many trails have been built in the last 10-15 years to accommodate cyclists. Now stop being lazy and drive your car to the trails.

      • IronyMeter

        “Stop being lazy and drive your car to the bike trails.” I don’t think I’ve seen anything this stupidly ironic in a long time.

  • Ace Baily

    he is just one of many that think of how important they are, once they sit in that mayors seat. codes, statutes, and any other item that the rest of us are supposed to obey, mean nothing to many of these pompous rear ends.

  • Don

    I can understand the mayors frustrations. I bike riders would obey traffic laws this would not have happened

  • Jake

    As a resident of Sunset Hills and also a cyclist who rides throughout Sunset Hills early every Saturday and Sunday morning, it doesn’t surprise me that something like this happened. A few weeks ago, when I was headed northwest up Robyn, on my bike, another cyclist almost plowed into me as he ran the stop sign at West Watson and Robyn. He didn’t come close to stopping, didn’t impede his speed at all, as he wanted to have that speed to go through the turn and fly up the hill to his right. I have no idea who it was, but once he realized what he had done and saw me, his cadence dramatically increased as to put as much distance between him and me as possible in the shortest amount of time. His 3 or 4 glances back were interesting.

    But, on several occasions, I have had people, in cars, exiting various streets onto Rott Rd., Robyn, West Watson,etc., who thought they had every right to go ahead and pull out onto the cross street even though a cyclist was coming. This of course made me hit my brakes, etc. They definitely wouldn’t have done this with a car. I have also had cars simply turn in front of me as I was going opposite to them, but since I’m a cyclist, they saw no need to wait for me to pass them so they could make their turn. This also made me hit my brakes, get mad, etc.

    So, to summarize, people are idiots, both cyclists and drivers, and it really amazes me that anybody is surprised that something like this happened. I can’t believe it doesn’t happen more often.

    Did I say people are idiots?

  • SK

    In order for change to take place and this sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore, there needs to be strict laws for bicyclists. I know the traffic laws and that bikes are allowed on the roadways. The problem is that many bicyclists to do not feel the same rules/laws apply to them when they are on the roadway thereby putting themselves and everyone else in danger. I agree, drivers run red lights and disobey traffic rules all the time. The point is that cars are more visible and less vulnerable than an unprotected person zipping by on a bicycle through a stop sign. I understand it is hard to begin riding from a dead stop, but that is their choice to ride a bicycle with 2,000 lb or more cars. I feel that if there is a moving object on the roadway, there should be a visible license plate attached to the vehicle, truck, or bicycle. It doesn’t matter if it has a motor or not. This way, if a bicyclist chooses to run the stop sign, stop light, etc. and there is a camera, he or she would be subject to the same rules of the road. One person pointed out that bicyclists are targeted and the evidence is supported by a helmet camera or a Go-Pro. Drivers of vehicles have less evidence because there is hardly ever a camera attached to the car showing the ignorance and arrogance of bicyclists. I see it every day, yet I am paying attention to driving, so I do not pull out my phone to show this evidence on You Tube to the world. As well, the law for bicyclists on the road and the color of the clothing worn should be very bright colors. I applaud the bicyclists that do this and outfit their bicycles with a light. I understand the rules but something has to change before another person gets hit. It is ridiculous that there has been not a thing done to circumvent an accident. Bicyclists cry foul every time there is an incident. Let me tell you, the majority of bicyclists I see, do not adhere to the laws and therefore as a majority, cannot stand up for themselves when it comes to an argument about mistreatment.

    • Roger

      The laws for everyone, drivers of bicycles and drivers of motor vehicles should be enforced. Cyclists would like nothing less than for drivers to be ticketed for the 3 foot rule, for running stop signs, for using the bike lane as a right turn lane (particularly when we are sitting in it waiting for a green light), speeding and all the other infractions we see every day we are out on the road. Hell, we would have such full coffers we could probably build bike streets if we just enforced speeding and stop sign laws for all.

  • Linda Kelly

    Maybe bicyclists should follow the rules of the road. Yes a car should yield to a cyclist but a cyclist also does not own the road. I travel that road a lot and have become frustrated with bikes. Ive had them just pull in front of me or take up more of the road then they should and you’re fighting oncoming traffic to get around them. I can believe the mayor said something to him but I do not believ he ppurposely hit him.

    • patman9969

      LInda, define “taking up more of the road than they should” please. A cyclist has a right to be where they feel safe and the car is required to give 3 feet space from there. If the shoulder is in unsafe condition the cyclist has the right to be in the roadway. On a road with no shoulder, the same applies. Id the cyclist is comfortable riding right next to the white line, they ridge there, if they need to be out a few feet to feet comfortable, then that’s where they ride. I will not defend cyclists who violate traffic laws however motorist ignorance, but I am very concerned about motorist ignorance of cyclist rights and the laws that apply.

  • Paul Sanger

    Whenever something like this happens, people love to come out of the woodwork and talk about how “cyclists never follow the rules” etc, as if that has anything to do with the details of the story in question. If a child gets run over in a crosswalk by a drunk driver, do you start babbling about how you’ve seen pedestrians jaywalking all over your town and this never would have happened if pedestrians just followed the rules and didn’t get on drivers’s nerves? But more to the point, how many people are killed by cyclists running stoplights each year vs. how many are killed by drunk drivers, drivers texting, drivers talking on their cell phones? If you as a driver ever talk on your cellphone (not hands-free) YOU are breaking the law in most parts of the country and are a much bigger menace to others than any cyclists. Do you always pause for the required length of time at four way stops, signal the required length of time before turning. Do you ever go 40 in a 35 mile zone? You just accept your own illegal behavior as normal and get all bent out of shape by cyclists, who are no threat to you even if their dumb behaviors are at most sometimes a threat to themselves.

    • EJ

      2nd accident this year where a cyclist ran through a stop sign in St. Louis that is in the public eye. It happens all the time. Bikers do not stop because they do not want to take their feet out of the pedal clips and restart their momentum. Another thing. If they want to share the road, share the costs and laws of the road too. What I mean by this is simple. In this story they seemed to make a big deal about the Mayors fancy car that actually costs less than the guys bike. The mayor pays personal property tax on his car. Why does the biker that wants us to share the road not pay personal property tax on the $12,000 bike he has? This money would help MODOT create safer biker lanes and streets in St. Louis. Also, where do this stop? Bikers take up the whole road and do not come close to the speed limits so why can’t skate boarders and people or kids on push scooters cruise down local avenues enjoying the same freedom as these bikers?

      • Bob Grone

        EJ, we as cyclist have heard this comment a 1000 times. I would be more than happy to pay a tax for the roads if it made it safer for me to ride on them, but it won’t. If you could guarantee me that the roads were going to be safer, by us as cyclists paying a tax, we as a community would absolutely get behind it. I also don’t know a cyclist who doesn’t own at least one car so they are paying their fair share every time they put gas in their car or pay their personal property tax bill just like you. Most of us are riding for pleasure and not for transportation and it is safer for us to ride the speeds we do on roads and not on trails. We are used to being yelled and honked at and even occasionally thrown at, but swerving into us is crossing the line and is a crime. Randy’s bike weighs about 17lbs. The mayor’s car weighs 4165lbs (yes I looked it up) do you think you should be swerving that around even as a joke? Just as an FYI, most cyclist go through stop signs and lights to get out of the way of motorists. We don’t have a death wish and we don’t want to interfere with the flow of traffic if we can avoid it and that is why we do this.

      • SK

        EJ. I completely agree with you. If anyone wants to use the road for transportation, then property tax should be paid on the type of transportation with proof such as a license plate. I mentioned in my comment above about requiring bicyclists to have visible plates attached to their bikes. This would help to identify problem bicyclists as well and especially if there are enough complaints about certain cyclists, then perhaps something could be done about their behavior on the road. The bicyclists would no longer be an anonymous threat to the traffic tiptoeing around them as the bicyclist blatantly breaks the law. These laws would of course have to be written but something needs to be done about vigilante bicyclists.

        I fear for them when I see them on the road because many do not adhere to the rules on the road. I fear I may accidentally hit one and they are not protected as someone driving a car is much more protected. I am careful, watchful and also annoyed when I see them riding down the middle of the street on Forsyth or any street because a few weeks ago, there were two of them riding side by side as if going for a country stroll and very unaware of the traffic behind them or perhaps they were aware. They each had cameras mounted on their helmets. It is so very dangerous to ride on certain streets or any street, let alone when they run stop signs/lights, as these two knuckleheads did at the light at Asbury and Forsyth. They slowed down at the red light and decided to continue through. They narrowly missed becoming road hamburger and were very annoyed at the driver that had the right of way via green light coming off Asbury.

        I would really like to see some laws come in to place if bicyclists insist on pushing the issue and I would like to see something other than “Share the Road” signs because those do not help when there are bicyclists who insist on not obeying the law regarding signs. If I was to hit someone in an intersection because they ran the red light, I’d much rather it be a vehicle as the outcome would be better than hitting a person on a bicycle. God forbid it should happen. :-(( Bike lanes are wonderful but the people using them, need to follow all rules and sadly, they do not. When it comes to an accident, most likely, the blame will default to the driver of the vehicle. More rules, more laws for those who wish to “Share” the road with vehicles.

      • Paul Sanger

        Amazing. The story here is about a potential felony assault and the “real issue” to some is whether the victim should be paying more taxes and abide by additional rules. If someone is carjacked, pistol-whipped, and thrown out of their moving vehicle, I guess the real issue that needs to be discussed is whether automobile owners provoke carjackers by not paying high enough taxes. Or maybe it’s the drivers fault that such crimes occur because some carjackers have seen one too many cars turning without using their turn signals. Along the same lines, maybe there’d be fewer muggings if taxes were raised on wallets, purses, and watches. Every time a cyclist is assaulted or even murdered, even while doing nothing wrong whatsoever, we ALWAYS see these stale arguments come pouring forth from drivers who have chips on their shoulders and want to make the whole issue about their own irrelevant resentments. What this really is is a very petty part of human nature: the feeling that somebody else is “getting away” with something that you aren’t, even if it doesn’t actually affect you at all and you are getting away with things far worse. Drivers spend hours sitting in traffic on the highways and interstates–behind OTHER people in automobiles–but then become outraged to the point of psychosis if they get delayed three seconds by a guy moving at a fraction of their speed on a bike. People who complain about cyclists in this manner really need to take a look in the mirror and figure out what’s wrong–because it isn’t people on bikes.

  • APF

    If you watch the FOX news report from this morning you’ll notice that not one of the cars does a full stop at that intersection. Not saying cyclists are right in not stopping but it is a prevalent issue. I don’t see the mayor screaming at the cars that don’t stop. A rolling stop has become generally accepted in our society. For a bike as a human powered vehicle it saves a lot of energy and may reduce the slowdown of traffic if the bikes are riding as they should as part of the traffic flow. I think a bigger issue is that drivers don’t know what to expect from cyclists. You have some people who ride the wrong way so they can see what’s coming. Some ride on the sidewalk or weave in and out of the parking lanes to “stay out of the way”. Some of this is caused by the difference in skill and speed levels of different types of cyclist and some is just lack of education. Here’s a great article on how to ride safely in traffic: http://bicyclesafe.com/. It may not make the mayor or some vitriolic drivers happy, but it might save your life. Ride Safe and Share the road.

  • Linda Kelly

    Have the witness statements been released? Seems like a lot of people are making a decision on what the cyclist stated. Seems like all facts should be in before we decide guilt on either person involved.

  • B

    I worked for this guy before he was the mayor of Sunset Hills. I can attest to the fact that he is a liar. He accused me of stealing things out of his house when I was working there. I finally had to tell him to stop calling me. He definitely has problems. I was introduced to Mark by a neighbor I was working for and he wasn’t sure about him either. I hope you sue him and win your case.

  • multisport

    The fact of the matter is the mayor and the cyclist collided and the driver of the car fled the scene. That’s a felony and probably says a lot about the character of the driver. He needs to be put away.

    • multisport

      Better yet his punishment should be to take his license away and force him to ride a bike to work for a year

  • Bill

    Nice tattoos and earrings, certainly a very credible citizen Probably looking for money for more tats or for handlebar tassels for his bike.

    • Greg

      Nice one bill. You’re a funny guy! Hope they indict the Mayor on charge of assault. And hope the cyclist sues him in civil court. Can’t lose a case like this. Then, bill, he can afford more piercings and tats. Maybe he’ll get one that says “Bill ” on his as s.

  • CW

    Or since it seems like EJ & SK love the idea of everybody paying their fair share, how about bikers get tax breaks – you know since they are excising and will help cut down on the outrageous healthcare costs by being active and also helping to cut down on pollution and green house gases. If your argument is “make them pay more taxes” then maybe you should not just consider the short sighted end game but also think about all the benefits and good that comes from biking. “the more you know”

  • WJE

    Yes, and penalize people who are over weight, smoke, eat fast food, and don’t exercise. I am all for it. Unfortunately that would not fit into your presidents healthcare agenda.

    • rose

      WJE, Hate to break the news to you, but , he is YOUR president too, unless you are not a citizen and here illegally, if so, why do you care?

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