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Has this happened to you? Woman says Walmart won’t sell her alcohol because underage kids were present

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST DES MOINES, IA – A woman and her daughters had a disappointing 4th of July a few weeks ago. She tried to buy alcohol at a Walmart, and the store wouldn’t let her because her underage daughters were there.

Julie says her 20-year-old twins were with her at an Iowa Walmart as she bought some things for the holiday, including five cans of an alcoholic beverage called Straw-Ber-Rita. She says her ID was checked, and then the cashier asked for the IDs of her daughters. She told the cashier they were still minors.

Julie says the cashier told her, “Then you can’t buy these Straw-ber-Ritas.”

“Seriously? And so I just kinda started asking her, I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? These aren’t for them; they’re for me.” said Julie Lauridsen.

Lauridsen says the cashier told her it was policy. Something Walmart’s spokesperson denies, and says if this did happen. “That would be wrong, and that would be incorrect.”

Walmart’s spokesperson says there are circumstances when someone purchasing alcohol who is in their early 20s with other individuals who are under age when questions will be asked, and the sale of alcohol could be denied. But, says the company as a rule does not routinely id minors who are with adults.

“We specifically don’t have a policy to ID minors, because they are not the ones buying the alcohol. It’s the adults. We have the policy, or course, to ID the adults.” said Walmart Spokesperson Brian Nick.

But, Lauridsen is not alone. Social media has stories from other people who share Lauridsen’s experience. An experience backed up by her daughters who feel an unfair assumption was made about them.

“It was really awkward, and it kind of hurt me because she was kind of assuming I was going to be drinking them, and I thought it was unfair.” said Lauren Kane – Daughter of Julie Lauridsen.

“I think the situation could have been handled a lot differently. I think instead of accusing, she could have gone about it a different way.” said Leah Kane – Daughter of Julie Lauridsen.

The Walmart spokesperson said he would look into this and other similar incidents.


  • Joe

    This should obviously be her payday!! She should never have to work again. How dare Wal-Mart look out for their liquor license!!

    • GB

      This exact thing happend to me at High Rideg W/M. On New Years Eve. Had my 14 year old daughter with me and was refused. This is wrong!

  • Cindy

    This happened to me also at a different location and I had my son who was of age and my then 7 year old grandchild with me. I was purchasing it for my husband and I and they still had to card my son. And the kicker is that my son don’t drink.

  • Chrissy

    This has happened to my father with me all the time! I’m 23 and will leave my wallet at home home or in the car because my father is the one buying alcohol (for him I might add) and I’m over 21. But he’ll get denied almost every time because he’s with me and I’ll have to go get my license from the car or we’ll have to leave. This has happened at Walmart and Jewel, and it’s very rude for them to assume he’s giving it to me, which wouldn’t even matter because I’m over 21!

  • Rachel

    This happened to my mother and I as well. We were getting groceries at Walmart for her and I happened to be with her. We were in a college town but not the walmart students frequent and my mom wanted to buy herself some beer. The lady proceeded to ask for my id. I promptly replied it wasn’t for me and I didn’t drink. She became irate and made a big deal about it. When we shop at our usual walmart it never happens to us even when the underage cashier calls the manager over to process the transaction!

  • dave

    I was at the grocery store the other day, some lady was buying some alcohol and she had 3 teenagers with her. They almost refused to sell it to her because the kids pointed at some of the stuff in the aisle, security cameras caught it. Well she swore up amd down it was for her and she didn’t want to be in trouble for buying it go minors. Well unseen her in the parking lot, and she was talking to the kids about it. Turns out she was buying it for him.

    So maybe thus lady at walmart had her kids pointing at some and walmart thiught was for the kids. Walmart wants to make a profit, not turn down people. Maybe the employees thought it was for the kids. Parents buy the kids alcohol all the time. You never know

  • Susan Basye

    This happened to me as well, at a Walmart in O’Fallon, MO. I was with my then 18 year old daughter, who was helping me shop because I was in a wheel chair. It was a bottle of Mud Slides. She refused to let me buy it for myself. I then told my daughter to go to the car, and explained I would go through the line again without her, in order to be done with this pain in the neck, but she begrudgingly said I could do it, because of my wheel chair situation…..crazy…..

  • melissa Kauffman

    This has also happened to me with my 17 year old daughter. Its a big inconvience. And if WalMart continues to do this they should just stop selling liquor and they will lose a lot of sales and bonus’s for the employees. Maybe they should think about that….BIG INCONVIENCE

  • Nicole

    This happened to me at the St Peters location. I was buying wine, showed my ID, but the cashier set the wine to the side. I asked what she was doing and she said she wouldn’t sell it to me because my husband did not have his ID with him. She said all people in the group must show ID. I had my children with me too. So I asked how that would work with children in tow. She had the nerve to respond “I hope you wouldn’t be stupid enough to give alcohol to children.”. Needless to say I asked for the manager to come over. She took one look at me and one look at my husband and told the cashier to sell me the wine. That was the last time I walked into a Walmart.

  • Aaron

    I used to work for walmart as a cashier and we are told to do this by managers and supervisors and numerous times in training. I wasn’t going to challenge my supervisor and risk losing my job or worse get caught doing it by them. I felt like an ABSOLUTE JERK doing it but I was only watching out for my own job security. I knew it was pretty much not the right way according to company policy or the law, but that doesn’t matter if your immediate supervisor/manager writes you up and you end up getting fired.


    There’s Walmart corporate policy and what the Walmart spokesperson says is normal in their stores to the media and then there’s whatever the hell the managers in each store decide to do and tell their employees to do. For example, in Walmart’s Ad Match policy, it says you do not need to bring in your ad, mostly because the store is supposed to have copies of the ads. However, in several stores when I’ve tried to ad match, managers and cashiers have been insistent that you are required to have the ad with you despite me reminding them of the policy and showing it to them. They informed me that it’s their locations policy to do that. The same thing happened to me when trying to coupon. Walmart’s Coupon Policy states that if the value of the coupon exceeds the price of the coupon, Walmart is supposed to give you the overage in the form of either cash or a discount off another item in your basket. However, at a few stores, I was told that they can’t give me money back for the coupons, even despite the corporate policy stating otherwise. Basically, individual stores don’t always follow corporate Walmart policy. These stores need to be brought into line

  • Ann

    This happened to me also at a walmart in Illinois.The cashier ID me the asked for my daughters ID.She said everyone in the group has to show ID.

  • Matt

    Her 4th of July was ruined?…Go to another store lady. This is America, they’re every-fucking-where.

    • Eric

      Even funnier,”A woman and her daughters had a disappointing 4th of July a few weeks ago.” How and why would the children have a disappointing 4th when they were not getting the product anyway? Lol

  • Carrie High

    Not just wal mart- happened to me at Wal-Greens with my 43 year old sister. I was the one buying it and they refused to sell to me because she did not have her ID

  • Gabrielle Henderson

    My husband and I had gone into walmart one evening to get a few things and he wanted to buy a bottle of jack daniels. We get to the register and the cashier wouldn’t sell it to us because I was with him and didn’t have my id. My husband is 27 and I am 23. I cannot believe that they do this and don’t think that it’s right. I have two kids what happens when I go out to get something and they deny me because I have my two year old with me? It’s just rediculous.

  • Chrissy

    This also happened to me when I went to st.Charles walmart. I was with my ex boyfriend and I didn’t have my id. I don’t like walmart and try to avoid them as much as possible.

  • Mandy

    I was questioned at Walmart by the cashier because I was buying spray paint, she said it is because I had my son with me. I was shocked! It didn’t even enter my mind that someone would think because I have my son with me and buying spray paint means I am buying it for him to snort! That is absurd, well atleast in my mind, but I guess some stupid parents would do that. So sad

  • Rachel

    This happened to me also, I went to the Godfrey il walmart and got groceries and bought a six pack of mikes lemonade, and the cashier asked me for my id and I gave it, and then asked for my 17 year old daughters id, she looked at thw cashier like he was crazy, and told him she would be happy to show her id but that would be stupid cause she is only 17. “I then asked him why he needed to see her id and he said it was walmarts policy to see everyone’s id. I told him that she is my daughter and he can’t refuse to sell me alcohol because I have my child with me. And if he is refusing to sell to me because of it, then I would need to speak with management. And of course he sold it to me with attitude.

  • Brandy

    The same thing happened to me at the Wal-Mart on Jungerman in St. Peters, Missouri and I’m almost 40 years old. My 12 year old and I tagged along with my husband one day as he ran into the Wal-Mart to purchase Budweiser Select. Upon checkout, the cashier asked for my husband’s license and mine, even though I don’t drink beer and he was the one purchasing it. I told the cashier I had left my wallet at home since I wasn’t driving, etc. The cashier, very rudely said he couldn’t sell my husband the beer unless I had my identification on me as I could be a minor. My husband and I were outraged and told them their policy was ridiculous, as if that’s the case then our 12 year old son would be required to have i.d. on him too. We were so appalled that we left and immediately went to a competitor who was able to sell my husband beer even with my 12 year old son and I present.

  • Anonymous2

    Happened to me at the Godfrey, IL Walmart on Sunday. I was buying a couple bottles of wine for a little Sunday BBQ and my girlfriend had left her purse in the car, I had my ID and I was paying. The clerk refused us because my girlfriend didn’t have an ID (we are both over 40). I sent the girlfriend away and went to another register and the first clerk told the second what happened and so she refused me too. I then called for the manager who took me to a third register and went ahead and rang me up. She said it was the new Walmart policy. When do they get to judge who you are buying it for anyway? If the person buying it is over 21 then that is all that matters!! Keep your nose out of our adult life people!!

  • Kristi

    This happened to me as well at the Highland IL Walmart. I am 38, was shopping with my 49 year old husband, he checked out, showed his ID for the alcoholic beverage we had, then when I walked around the check out stand, the cashier asked who I was. I told her I’m his wife, she asked for my ID, which I had left my wallet in my car, we had taken my husband’s truck, and then she snatched the container out of the bag and said she’s not selling to minors. I couldn’t believe this situation since she had just carded my almost 50 year old husband. I did bring it to the store manager’s attention, but was still refused the alcoholic beverage, stating they are strict with their carding policy, since when was the legal age over 49…..won’t shop there anymore

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