Murdered teen’s last text message, “OMG.. I think I’m being kidnapped.”

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April Millsap and a sketch of the murder suspect

DETROIT, MI – A murdered-teenager in Michigan apparently sent a chilling final text-message. 14-year-old April Millsap was found dead after taking her dog for a walk.  Authorities have not said how she died, only that it was a homicide.

Hundreds of tips have led to a police-sketch. Her boyfriend received a text-message from her phone the night she disappeared saying, “OMG.. I think I’m being kidnapped.”

Investigators are not sure if Millsap or her killer sent it. Police have talked to the boyfriend and they say he’s not a suspect.

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  • banglin

    This is unfortunate but shows how stupid this generation is. You text your bf. How bout DIALING 911!!!

  • Cherri Trantham

    Maybe if you could text 911 she could have done that…..if you’re afraid someone is going to abduct you you don’t want to make them mad by calling anybody when you can secretly text…..why don’t you get off your highhorse and stop judging!

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