Police looking for trucker that fled fatal accident

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MARINE, IL (KTVI) - Part of westbound I-70 in Madison County, Illinois was completely closed Wednesday morning after a deadly crash overnight between two tractor trailers and a passenger car.  The westbound lanes of I-70 were shut down and cars were re-routed at Route 4.  Illinois State Police accident reconstruction crews are handling the case.

The crash happened around 1:50 a.m.

According to Illinois State Police, the driver of the Impala was traveling on I-70 westbound at milepost 18 and for unknown reasons, lost control of the wheel. He swerved to the right and over corrected to the left resulting in his vehicle being parked sideways in all lanes of traffic.

The first semi-truck struck the Impala and proceeded westbound on I-70.  That driver did not stop during the time of the traffic crash.

This lead to the second semi that was also traveling westbound on I-70 to strike the Impala on the passenger side, causing it to spin out of control even more.  Both vehicles were forced off of the right side of the highway.  The Impala came to a stop along the right side of the roadway and the second semi overturned in the right ditch off of the roadway.  The driver of the Impala was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after 2:30 a.m.  The driver of the second semi was not injured.

There is no vehicle description at this time. Police assume that the driver of the first tractor trailer has front end damage.

This case is still under investigation.









    • John V. Rigdon

      It was no doubt the decision of the Illinois State Gestapo(because NOW it is permitted to have “First Amendment Zones”). That is the message, they want to get across. “Come to Nazi Illinois, where truth and fact, have no place in the system”.
      Next, on the broadcast, the state cop says, “Ant accident, you are to stop, call 911 and await for Law Enforcement.” That is, unless it is in Granite City, Illinois. There, if your vehicle is struck at a Red Traffic Signal, by an Illegal Alien that cannot speak English(when the cops arrive), you are denied their information(the Illegal Alien) for insurance and or to request an Accident Report. The Granite City Police, WILL however, threaten to bring a K-9 Unit out and find drugs in your Car(though there has NEVER BEEN any in the car) if you wish to pursue an Accident Report. Hence the Swastika in the film.

  • Flame-Out

    Total confusion on this post… you say one left the scene then say 2 were in the ditch… do you not proofread your posts?

    • Anna

      “The Impala came to a stop along the right side of the roadway and the second semi overturned in the right ditch”

      Impala on the side of the road, 1 tractor in the ditch, and the other kept going. I don’t see how this article is so confusing.

    • chef/shan

      I was going to say the same…2 trucks were involved. one left the scene. 2 Trucks + 1 Impala= bomb! Not that hard of an equation.

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