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Police: Missouri pet dog shot after escaping yard

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ST. LOUIS (AP) _ Missouri police are investigating the death of a pet dog that was shot after it escaped from its yard.

St. Louis police say the pit bull-pointer mix named Loki escaped from its yard Tuesday morning. Neighbors reported gunfire and found the dog shot in the shoulder.

Police say they couldn’t find anyone who witnessed the shooting.

The Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Task Force also responded. The dog was turned over to the society for care before it died.

It was euthanized because of the injury and extensive blood loss.


  • TheREALByeBye2OurNRAGunCulture


    More guns! MORE!

    Be SURE to vote AGAINST even more guns and even less regulation and enforcement: VOTE NO ON AMENDMENT 5.

    We already have the right to bear arms, thank you very much. Sick people like whoever shot this dog prove it – again and again.

    While you’re at it, VOTE NO ON ALL THE AMENDMENTS. They are ALL phony and will cost YOU higher taxes. ALL of them.

    • Chris

      That just shows the type of person you are. One of my neighbors has a pit bull and it is one of the most quiet, and most friendly dogs I have ever seen. Dont judge a dog because of its breed.

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