Police search for trucker after fatal I-70 wreck

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TROY, Ill. (AP) _ Illinois State Police are searching for a tractor-trailer driver who they say drove off after being involved in an accident that left another motorist dead.

Police did not immediately identify the motorist killed in the wreck shortly before 2 a.m. Wednesday on westbound Interstate 70 near Troy in Madison County.

Police say the car's driver apparently lost control of his Chevrolet Impala and ended up stopping sideways on the interstate. Investigators say that's when a tractor-trailer clipped the car's front, spinning it several times before a second semi rig hit the car's passenger side.

Police say the driver of the first tractor-trailer fled the scene and they are searching for the driver. The second semi rig came to rest on its side in a ditch.

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  • Geri Phillips

    Sorry for the lost of life of the impala driver. I see people jump in front of semi trucks all day long. People are so impatient and it is hard for those trucks to stop suddenly when you get between them and another car in a small space. Also, the trucking companies put so many deadlines for time on the drivers. The truck driving job should have more realistic deadlines because by the time they get to their location to pickup product, then haul butt to get to the location you have to deliver the product, not including accidents, weather and stupid drivers, this is a recipe for danger. There are so many BAD drivers out on the roads and the truck driver becomes a victim, too.. People need to recognize the severity of all the thousands of pounds of products those truck carry as well as the impact they can have on YOU if you get hit by them. Whatever happen to one car length for every 10 mph speed you travel behind or in front of the vehicle. Maybe they really didn’t read this answer on the drivers permit test.

  • Annie

    I knew the man in the impala. he worked with me at a local fast food chain back in Highland, IL. Everyone at the fast food will miss him. He was a very good general manager at the restaurant.

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