“Positivity Breeds Positivity” campaign starts after U.City shooting

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI) – A man was shot this weekend in Heman park at a University High School reunion, a second person was shot in the leg. Mario Wallace, 20, died from the wound. Now, a campaign is picking up steam on social media to stop the violence.

People are taking pictures with the slogan, “Positivity Breeds Positivity.”  Many of the pictures sent to the FOX 2 Facebook page were tagged with “RIP Mario” others mentioned University City.  More came from across the country.  All have a positive message. Their aim seems to be to stop the violence.

A vigil was held for Mario on Sunday.  A Reddit user spotted a sign left on one of the trees and posted it to the popular website.  That message also had a message for those engaged in violent acts in St. Louis.

The sign reads, “To all of our youth: You are killing one another. You have put the KKK and some of the corrupt police out of business. You don’t own any blocks, territory or hoods. Stop acting like animals and start to behave like the Gods that you are. Put down the guns and save yourselves. PEACE – RIP Mario.”